The Basic Workshops

The survivors begin the game with a Simple Workshop which can be used to craft Household Items (such as furniture), Filters, Fuel, and specialty workshops. By investing resources, it can be upgraded twice to the Improved Workshop and then the Advanced Workshop.

Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshops can be used to craft goods vital for survival. These specialty workshops include:

Metal Workshop
Used to build tools and is initially built from the Simple Workshop. By investing resources, it can be upgraded twice to the Improved Metal Workshop, then the Advanced Metal Workshop. These upgrades allow the survivors to build melee weapons, repair broken guns and damaged armor, and to craft ammunition.

Allows characters to craft Cooked Meals using Raw Food, Vegetables, Clean Water and Fuel. In winter it be used to melt Snow to create Clean Water. Bruno uses Stoves more efficiently, since his Good Cook trait lets him craft Cooked Meals using fewer resources.

Rainwater Collector
Automatically collects rainwater during warm weather, which can be turned into Clean Water by using a Filter and waiting 4 hours. During cold weather the Rainwater Collector will not work, so Survivors should shovel Snow and melt it at a Stove instead.

The Herbal Garden grows herbs, which can be used to make Cigarettes, Herbal Meds and Medications. After upgrading to a Vegetable Garden, the survivors can grow Vegetables.

Moonshine Still
Distills Sugar into Moonshine. Bruno can craft moonshine efficiently compared to other survivors, using one less sugar and water. Moonshine is a useful trading item and can be consumed to improve mood.

Alcohol Distiller
Used to craft Pure Alcohol from Moonshine. 2 Pure Alcohol can be refined from 1 Moonshine. Pure Alcohol is a component for crafting Medications, Bandages, and Herbal Meds.

Trap for Small Animals
Used to capture small (unseen) animals, presumably rats and mice, providing 2x Raw Food every 1 to 3 days. A max limit of 2 traps can be possessed by the survivors.

Herbal Workshop
Used to create medicine, cigarettes and bandages. The Herbal Workshop can be used to craft Herbal Meds, Roll-Up Cigarettes and (Regular) Cigarettes. The Improved Herbal Workshop can be used to additionally craft Medications and Quality Roll-ups.
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