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This War of Mine - Update 1.1

This War of Mine's first update adds:

  • Cool Kids of Death music in the radio Vysena (Polish alternative punk rock band)
  • New character setups
  • Enhanced locations
  • New animations
  • Bug fixes



This War of Mine - Update 1.2

Added the following:

  • New shelter- randomly chosen when starting a new game
  • Player can now select the starting group of characters. You will have bigger influence on shaping your story of civilians in war, making it more challenging or even giving it a totally new perspective. Please keep in mind that you have to play at least once to unlock this option

Other Improvements and tweaks:

  • Some locations were enhanced
  • Some animations were improved
  • NPC behaviors were improved



This War of Mine - Update 1.3

Added the following:

  • Scenario Editor in which you can write your own stories of civilians in war. Pick up members of the group, length of the conflict, weather conditions and more
  • Character Editor where you can shape civilians, their look, skills, biographies and then play with them in the game. You can even add your photo and be a part of the story
  • Two new locations: Old Town and Looted Gas Station
  • Two new music tracks, designed for the night missions



This War of Mine - Update 1.4 "New Beginning"

Added the following:

  • Upload your scenarios to the Workshop and experience stories made by other gamers
  • Scenario Editor is expanded with new, more diverse characters to multiply possibilities in creating your stories
  • New language versions are supported: Turkish, Korean and Japanese
  • Fixes and improvements:

- Fix glibc compatibility issues on Linux or simply made to work flawlessly on Ubuntu 15

- Fix a bug with small amount of trade items in Franko's inventory

- Fix a bug with canceling crafting of many items after forwarding to night time

- Fix a bug with fifth civilian in the shelter

- Price of coffee is now correlated with radio announcements

- Fix a bug with clipped FOV on big locations

- Fix "search body" animation

- Fix a bug with wrong comments about fight in shelter

- Fix exploit with dropping Saw Blade before finishing cutting through doors

- Fix a wrong diary entries for some civilians

- Minor graphical fixes on locations

- Minor fixes in dialogues and texts

- Minor fixes in people behavior


- Fixes to languages: Russian, Korean, Italian, Japanese

- Minor language fixes in the interface

- Fix to custom portrait (no more random bug with black portraits of civilians in the scenario editor)

- Textures fixes


- Fix the inappropriate survivor reactions to stealing from bandits or dead people

- A variety of other smaller bug fixes

- Balance improvements



This War of Mine - Update 2.0

  • Modding Tools Features

- creating and editing scenarios

- creating and editing items

- creating and editing crafting recipies

- creating and editing weapons

- creating and editing visits

- adding custom sounds and music


- The modding centre now detects conflicts between mods

- It is now possible to have items created in different mods active simultaneously in the game

- You can now add custom sound and music to your mods

- Fix the issues with downloading mods from Workshop on Linux

- Filled the lines missing from the Japanese version


- Add Simplifeid Chinese language

- Minor bug fixes in the modding centre


- Fixes to the Chinese localization

- Fix the stealing from bandits bugs. Stealth is much more tricky than it looked

- Minor bug fixes


  • "Grab all" crashes (yes, there were two of them!) are now fixed
  • Quitting the game after subscribing to a mod could crash the game which is no longer a case
  • Children appeared at your shelter even though you don't own DLC? It's fixed!
  • Files didn't download after subscribing a mod. It is resolved!
  • Changing mod status in Steam Workshop was crashing the game from time to time. It should not happen anymore
  • Fixes:

- Character photos adjusted (some of them were bugged)

- Fix the animation when a character is coming back from scavanging

- Fix some smaller interface issues

The Little Ones


This War of Mine The Little Ones

  • Add new NPC
  • Add new items

- There is at least one Broken Toy which can be used to craft toys in each map

- New crafted toys for children to play : Ball, Jumping Rope, Swing, Toy Box

  • Children can play around and learn certain skills to work.



This War of Mine Anniversary Edition

  • Add 3 brand new locations : Airport, Ghost House, Port
  • New civilians (NPCs)
  • A whole new ending scenario : port escape
  • A new achievement to get
  • Fixes:

- War Child DLC achievements Note: Helping children and Note: Street Art should work now

- Day 42 was repeating in some playthroughs - this should no longer happen

- Fix some minor font issues

- Fix Polish font diacritical marks

- Fix few smaller graphical glitches


- Locked scenarios - this was the biggest issue because many of you have lost progress in game; everything should be back to normal!

- Fix the mods functionality connected to text change

- Some minor fixes for English, Chinese and Korean languages


  • Added Anniversary Mode checkbox which will make sure that your game will start with new Anniversary Edition content
  • Add some new texts for Chinese localization. And fix some issues with it, too!
  • Fixes:

- Fix some problems with other localizations as well

- Workbench didn't count some items properly in its UI - now it does!

- Add some stability fixes


  • In-game and panel texts polished
  • Gamepad controlling improved
  • Profession doesn't reset anymore in the editor
  • Stability improved!
  • Fixes:

- you can add new recipes in mods now

- Add Delete button to remove chosen mod from the list (not from your drive!)

- You can add crafting groups now

- Create new items that works like existing ones, i.e. new kind of crowbar

- Modding Tool works faster now!

- Better stability of the Tool

- You can edit or delete percentage of scavenged stuff on a location

- Uploading to Workshop works way better now