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The only small animals left seem to be rats... Still, meat is a rare commodity in wartime. We simply have to put in some bait and wait.

–'Trap for Small Animals' Description


The Trap for Small Animals is a Specialized Workshop in This War of Mine.

It is crafted using the Improved Workshop. It is used to capture small (unseen) animals, presumably rats and mice, providing meat every few days. The maximum amount of traps that can be created is 2.


To use the trap, place bait (Raw FoodCanned Food, or Fertilizer) in it. After a period of 1 to 4 days, 2 Raw Food will be created and can be harvested.

Although the starting cost for the trap can be quite steep (especially because each trap requires 10 Parts, 8 with Marin), having 2 traps plus a Vegetable Garden early can make a 4-survivor group almost completely self-sufficient.

  • A Vegetable Garden can only produce 8 Vegetables at a time, consisting of 2 batches of 4 each, after 72 hours. 4 can then be used for making fertilizer, 2 of which can be used as bait and the other 2 can be used to make new batches; the rest 4 can be cooked or traded.
  • 2 Traps produces 4 Raw Food after at most 4 days (most of the time, it takes less than 4 days).
  • 4 Vegetables and 4 Raw Food can be used to create 8 Cooked Meal portions, which will keep 4 survivors functional in 4 days (assuming the player feed them once every 2 days, see Hunger).
  • Thus, after (at most) 4 days, the player will have enough food for the next 4, as long as they have enough Clean Water and Fuel.

Crafting Cost

Trap for Small Animals - Advanced Workshop
Builder Wood Components Parts Time
Marin 4 8 8 1
Other 5 10 10 1

2 x Raw Food Recipe

Bait Cost to acquire 2x Raw Food
(via the Trap for Small Animals)
Crafter Raw Food
Any 1
Canned Food


  • Anton has experience in catching rats with traps. So if you use him to put the bait, there's more chance of catching an rat in the next days.
  • Emilia on mobile also seems to increase effectiveness of rat traps.
  • Trap effectiveness (i. e. the time it takes to catch an animal) seems to be affected by the trap placement and if there are people on the room it is, as some characters comment on "Not going to catch anything if they stay there", also, using canned food as bait apparently will always catch a rat 1(one) day later, while fertilizer and raw food may take from 1-4 days, with fertilizer being the worst of these two, both of these still need testing tho.