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For playable charecters with bargaining skills, see Katia and Insurance Agent.

Franko visits the Shelter

In war, not everyone is a soldier

–This War of Mine, 11 Bit Studios

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For information on the values of traded goods see the page on Franko. For a detailed explanation of the game mechanics behind trading, see RedKnight7's user page here.

Traders will barter goods with your survivors. Every so often--after several days have passed--a traveling trader named Franko will show up at your shelter's front door and offer to barter. To access other traders, a survivor must scavenge at that trader's location (see table below).

To trade, click on the trade icon next to the trader. This will take you to a trade screen where you will see your goods on the left and the traders goods on the right. Click items on both sides to select them for trading. As you select items, a variety of messages will appear at the very top of the screen. If the message says "it's very generous of you", you are paying too much. If the message says "It won't do, try harder",the trader will not accept that offer. You can maximize the value of a trade by adding items on the traders side until you get the "no deal" message, and then removing one low value item.

Katia has the trait Bargaining Skills, which allow her to trade more efficiently with Franko and some other traders, getting a lower price.

Every trader has a variety of things to barter. Some traders offer a better exchange rate for some goods. For example, Franko gives more barter value for guns than would be received trading guns to Matey. On the other hand, Matey gives more barter value for Medications, Bandages and Herbal Meds than trading the same items to Franko. For more details see each respective trader's article.  

Brief Overview of Traders

Name Location Likes to buy Usually sells Comments
Our Shelter Anything Assorted Visits the shelter every 3 days or so
Steep trading rates
Military Outpost Alcohol,


Ammo, Bandages,


Canned food

Going past is considered trespassing
Garage Bandages,


Parts, Gun Parts,


Going past is considered trespassing

Always has Canned Food, Vegetables, Tools

City Hospital Bandages,


Crowbar, Shovel,

Component, Sugar,

Wood,Med Ingredients

Prefers a charitable trade
Limited inventory
Brothel No Preferences Broken Shotgun,

Broken Pistol,

Gun Parts,

Medicine, Tobacco

Going past is considered trespassing
Shelled School Weapons Tobacco, Herbs Going past is considered trespassing
Semi-Detached House No Preferences Pure Alcohol Going past is considered trespassing
Priest Olek
St. Mary's Church No Preferences Assorted Has a lot of books
Hotel No Preferences Medicine, Tobacco,

Food, Lock Picks,

Parts, Fuel

Gives less trade value for weapon
Central Square Non-Material items Materials,

Broken Weapons,

Broken Guitar

Will not accept materials for barter
Central Square Non-Alcoholic and

non-tobacco items

Cigarettes, Coffee,

Moonshine, Pure


Will not accept Alcoholic or Tobacco products for barter
Central Square Non-Medical items Medications,


Trades poorly for medical-related items
Central Square Non-Food items Canned Food,

Raw Food,



Trades poorly for food-related items
Decrepit Squat Raw Food,


Canned Food

Nothing. He begs

for food.

Can be given food for charity.
Will show a secret hiding spot if given food.
Taras Museum Trader Anything Assorted Visits the shelter 3 days or so and demands for case files.

DLC essential.

Saba Bakery Raw Food, Water, Sugar Assorted Can fight bandits coming inside if warned.

Item value

Each item has a value set either on entering a scavenging location, or at the start of the day in Franko's case. Components always have a value of 1. Using Katia to trade allows you to complete a trade if you are offering more value than the trader. Without her, a trader marks up the value of items by approximately 20% varying on the item, the trader, and in game events.

Some item values believed to be constant:

Item Value Value2* Max Stackable Notes
Ammunition 3.5 7 20
Assault Rifle 38 74 1 (est 44 for Franko)
Bandages 27.5 55 2
Book 1 3 2
Broken Assault Rifle* 9 20 1
Broken Guitar 11.5 20 1
Damaged Helmet 7 15 1
Damaged Vest 9? 20 1
Broken Pistol 8.5 15 1
Broken Shotgun 8.5? 15 1
Broken Toy 5 10 4
Canned Food 15 30 4
Cigarette 2 4 10
Clean Water 1 2 10 0.5 in Summer
Coffee 1.5 3 10
Components 1 2 4 1.5 in Winter
Crowbar 10 22 1
Electric Parts 5 10 4
Fertilizer 5 8 4
Filter 3.5 7 4 1.5 in Winter
Fuel 1.5 3 4 2 in Winter
Guitar ** 4 2 in Winter
Gunpowder 0.5 2 20
Hatchet 20 48 1
Heat Lamp 23 48 4
Helmet 18 45 1
Herbal Meds 21 42 2
Herbs 2 4 4
Homegrown Tobacco* 2 5 4
Jewelry* 12.5 25 4
Knife* 16 34 1
Lock Pick 5 12 4
Medications 32 64 2
Medicine Ingredients 8.5 15 4
Military Vest 38 74 1 (est 44 for Franko)
Mixer 23 48 4
Moonshine 13.5 27 1
Parts 2.5 5 4
Pistol* 21 43 1 (est 24 for Franko)
Pure Alcohol 11.5 23 4
Quality Roll-Up 3 6 10
Raw Food 9 18 4
Roll-Up Cigarette* 1 2 10
Saw Blade 6 15 4
Scoped Assault Rifle ** 74 1
Shell Casings 0.5 2 20
Shotgun* 26 54 1
Shovel 14 29 1
Sugar 1.5 3 10
Thermo Regulator 23 48 4
Tobacco 5 10 4
Vegetables 9 18 4
Weapon Parts 2.5 5 4
Wood 1.5 3 2 2 in Winter

*Value2 Column - Item base values extracted from game data files.