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Game Time

Daytime occurs from 6 am to 8 pm (14 hours). The clock begins warning you at 6:50 pm.

Nighttime occurs from 9 pm to 5 am (8 hours). The clock begins warning you at 4:20 am.

Both intervals take exactly 6 minutes of real time. This means time moves almost twice as fast (14/8 or 1.75x) during the day as at night; time at night moves at 57% the day rate. Each hour during the day is 25.7 seconds in real time; during the night, 45.0 seconds of real time.

Other time factoids:

  • The game clock progresses in 10 minute intervals.
  • Characters sleep 5 hours. You can easily hot-swap two during the day (which is 14 hours), and let your third sleep at night. So a second bed may not be necessary for quite some time. But if all three need to sleep and/or some are slightly hurt, you may need a second one pronto.
  • It's fine to interrupt sleep to perform quick chores.
  • Digging without a shovel takes 2 hours. You can clear 3 rubble piles manually at most in a night.
  • The game clock freezes when trade, transfer, and production windows are shown. Take all the time you want here.

Recipe Craft Times

Recipes can generally fall into two categories.

  1. Recipe's that only require processing time.
    For example, using a Stove to craft a Cooked Meal takes 0.3 h total time. 0.3 h is the processing time, after which the Cooked Meal is ready.
  2. Recipe's that require processing time and a wait period.
    For example, using a Rainwater Collector to craft Clean Water takes 0.5 h (+5.0 h) total time. 0.5 h is the processing time and (+5.0 h) is the wait period until the Clean Water is ready.

Recipe Batches with respect to time

Some Recipe's can be made in multiple batches. Whether or not this affects processing time or the wait period depends on the item being crafted.

Some examples:

  • Moonshine, Vegetables, and Herbs- crafting multiple batches does not affect the processing time or wait period.
  • Cigarettes are processed individually, with each cigarette having its own processing time.