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The Last Broadcast is the second of a series of three stories created to celebrate the three year anniversary of This War of Mine. It was released on November 14, 2018. The story was written by Meg Jayanth, who had previously written for 80 Days[1]

The story follows Malik, a disabled radio broadcaster and his wife, Esma, who gathers relevant information for the radio while scavenging.


The new hard-packed rubble piles, only capable of being cleared with the pickaxe.

Malik is disabled and must use crutches to get around. He is therefore confined to a single floor of the shelter. That floor contains the Transmitter he uses to broadcast. The game also starts with a single bed, a Rainwater Collector and Herbal Workshop built. There is also a Garden, but it is a behind a large pile of rubble that can only be cleared with a new tool, the pickaxe. Using the pickaxe to clear 1/4 of this pile results in the character gaining the tired status. There is one spot on Malik's floor to build something, with another few available after clearing the rubble. There is a locked cabinet behind the rubble as well, which contains a hatchet.

There is a second pile of rubble to clear with the pickaxe a floor below, which can only be cleared by Esma because of its location. Esma shares the same trait as Arica, letting her sneak through areas quietly. Later in the game, Adem becomes available. He has the same trait as Roman, making him ideal for combat.

Esma about to speak to a civilian with information at the Park.

Raids do not occur randomly, and only occur on Days 7, 15, 21/22 and 28 (perhaps more?). As a result of this, neither Board Ups nor the Reinforced Door are available to construct.

Winter comes at around Day 10, so it is recommended that you have at least a heater by then. (You can get a thermo regulator from the Central Square).

Esma can play the guitar well.

Malik cannot scavenge, leaving Esma to do so. While scavenging, Esma can gather information from civilians for Malik to broadcast. Areas from both Classic Modes and Father's Promise appear, but they all use modified scenarios.

Franko's inventory is modified, as he never carries any components or wood, but seems to have a much higher chance of having parts and lock picks. Additionally, he sometimes offers a Mixer. Information can also sometimes be gathered from Franko to broadcast. The only other trader available is an unnamed one located at the Music Club, though his portrait is the same as Vanya's.


The radio icons, for receiving and sending.

Malik and Esma have moved into the radio station where Malik used to work, playing jazz music. Malik now uses the radio station to give civilians updates about the state of the city and the the war. Malik is disabled and confined to a single floor of the house, leaving Esma to take care of the rest of the floors and also scavenging, where she gathers information for Malik to broadcast.

Esma reports on a sniper terrorizing civilians in the Park. After Malik's broadcast, this sniper is forced to move as his position was compromised. This begins to anger the military. Esma later finds a soldier stranded at the Gas Station with a truck full of supplies and civilians being held prisoner by the military at the Central Square. Malik's broadcasts on these topics lead to multiple dead soldiers, further angering the military. Gustav, a friend of Malik's from before the war, runs a Music Club, which is frequented by the rebels. The rebels are pleased with Malik's work, while others at the club warn Esma that the military is going to target them and they should lay low.

Esma then finds that her friend Novak at the Bakery has been feeding the military names of rebels and their sympathizers in order to provide food for his son. Faced with a choice, she can tell Malik the truth, leading to the rebels targeting Novak, or lie to Malik, giving Novak the time to flee. A similiar situation occurs at the Pharmacy. Davor, one of the brothers who runs it, supports the rebels vehemently, while his brother wishes to lay low. They've discovered the military plans to hit a rebel base in the near future. Esma can report the information to Malik or choose to lie, hoping to protect him from the military.

Finally, there is an explosion at the Brewery, caused by a military shelling. Many civilians are killed and wounded, as free water was being handed out there. Esma can accurately relay this to Malik, or claim it was an unfortunate accident being used by the rebels for propaganda. Its possible that Esma then discovers the remains of a military presence at the Decrepit Squat, with papers indicating they are close to finding the source of the broadcasts, though isn't necessary for the game to progress.

Note: after Malik's broadcast about the events in the Brewery, it doesn't matter if Esma goes to Decrepit Squat or any other location, because as soon as Malik is left alone at Our Shelter, the game will progress.

Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The transmitter, inoperable after an attack.

If Esma has told Malik the truth in at least two of the three instances, the military appears in the middle of the night and executes Malik. If Esma has lied in at least two of the three instances, the rebels come in the night and kidnap Malik. Regardless of the choice, the radio is destroyed and the couple's son Adem appears that same day. He had deserted the military when he heard his parents would be targeted, but arrived too late to warn them.

In the truth route, Esma and Adem bury Malik at St. Mary's Church. Esma wishes to leave the city, while Adem is insistent they repair the radio and continue Malik's work. The city can be fled via the Port. The Music Club has been destroyed, but scavenging there can result in finding the necessary radio parts. The radio can be repaired and Adem will continue the broadcasts, ending the game.

The transmitter after having been fixed.

In the lying route, Adem wishes to leave the city, having found out from Gustav at the Music Club that Malik is staying with the rebels and has disowned both him and Esma. Esma wants to repair the radio to broadcast an apology to Malik. As in the the other route, the city can be fled via the Port. Franko can obtain the necessary radio parts, but in exchange he wants the return of a Photo Album he had left at his former home. Two armed men now occupy the area. The album can then be traded for the parts and the radio repaired, allowing Esma to apologize to Malik. The game then ends.