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There'd be no moonshine without sugar. Essential for the fermentation process.

–Item Description


Sugar is a Material in This War of Mine. It's sole purpose is to create Moonshine. It has a low barter value and stacks up to 10. It is a fairly common material. It can be found scavenging or bought from a trader. Reliable traders that offer large amounts of sugar include Franko- who occasionally visits the shelter- and Juro at the Central Square marketplace.


Sugar is used to craft Moonshine at a Moonshine Still. Each bottle of moonshine requires 4 Sugar and 4 Clean Water (or 3 Sugar and 3 Water with Bruno) and 1 Fuel.

Crafting Moonshine

Moonshine Crafting Cost
Crafter Sugar Clean Water Fuel
Bruno, Livia 3 3 1
Other 4 4 1