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This Wiki is dedicated to collecting and sharing information about the computer game, This War of Mine . The content will include information about gameplay, user interfaces and content from the story. This wiki aims to be a comprehensive and informative online encyclopaedia about This War of Mine. In order to be a comprehensive resource, spoilers are a necessary part of this project.

However, we don't want to inhibit the enjoyment of players that do not wish to be exposed to spoilers if they don't want to be. As a courtesy to all our users, it is the policy of this Wiki that...

All spoilers regarding particular game ending results must be accompanied with a warning.
All spoilers must be obscured with the {{SpoilersCollapse}} template so the content can only be seen after a user specifically requests (clicks/taps) to expose the information.

Content that is considered to be a spoiler should NOT be removed, but rather contained within the {{SpoilersCollapse}} template. There are examples of how to use the template on the {{SpoilersCollapse}} page.

Spoilers may appear outside Story sections, such as points in Trivia. While the This War of Mine Wiki attempts to shield anything that may ruin the experience for our visitors, the content is supplied by anyone at any time. It is possible, therefore, for a viewer to come across an unflagged spoiler will be present in articles, and therefore we ask you to navigate this Wiki at your own risk.

When and Where to use the Spoiler Template

  • Wiki Pages that contain information revealed at the death of a character and/or at the end of the game should use the Spoiler Template
  • Forums posts should be marked [Spoilers] in the title as a courtesy to your fellow players
  • Forum posts should not use the Spoiler Template
  • Registered Users are permitted to use the Spoiler Template on their Profile page

What is a Spoiler?

What defines a spoiler may vary from one user to another. The definition this wiki uses is any information that describes;

  • Content revealed after a character dies
  • Content revealed at the ending of a game
  • Content that is revealed after a game has needed (epilogues)

Due to this very narrow definition, the number of spoiler warnings is very low since it is directly proportional to the 12 individual characters that can currently be played in the game.