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A small shovel for picking through rubble.

–Item Description


The Shovel is a Equipment category item in This War of Mine. It is used to clear away rubble, effectively decreasing the time taken to do so by 80%; however it seems to increase the amount of noise generated. It can be used to clear 10 piles of debris, and can also be used as an improvised melee weapon. It can be crafted at the level 1 Metal Workshop.

Rubble Clearing Times for Reference

When inside the shelter during daylight, clearing rubble by hand takes 4 hours. Shoveling takes 0.8 hours.

When scavenging outside at night, clearing rubble by hand takes 2 hours. Shoveling takes 0.4 hours.


If you use the shovel until the pile of rubble is almost gone, drop it and clean the rubble by hand. This makes sure that the shovel never loses durability, but this only works while scavenging for supplies.

Crafting Cost

Shovel Crafting Cost
Crafter Wood Components
Marin 4 6
Other 4 7