Military Assault Rifle fitted with a Scope.

–Item Description


The Scoped Assault Rifle is a rare weapon that can only be acquired from the Sniper Scenario at the Construction Site, by neutralising the sniper and looting his corpse. It is not craftable.

The event only occurs in some play-throughs, specifically if the description of the Construction Site states that it under military control and is used as a platform for snipers. Otherwise a different event occurs involving two soldiers chasing down a scavenger.

This weapon has the power of a shotgun with the range of an assault rifle.


The Scoped Assault Rifle is an excellent guard's weapon, but it only fires in semiautomatic, which can make it difficult or even dangerous to use while scavenging except in certain situations.

This weapon is great for the Military Outpost as it's a big area and the NPCs, if standing in the right areas, do not attack when shot. A great way to test this weapon is go in the map and shoot the trader. He will stay there, afraid, and call for help. His help will come and stand next to him.

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