We can use it to cut through metal bars and chains to get to otherwise inaccessible places.

–Item Description


A Saw Blade is a type of tool found in the game. It is a single-use item for sawing open grated doors. It can be stacked up to 4 units per slot. It requires 2 components and one weapon part at an Improved Metal Workshop to construct.

Matey, the Trader at the Garage, sometimes offers Saw Blades.

Crafting Cost

Saw Blade Crafting Cost
Crafter Icon Components Icon Weapon Parts
Any 2 1

(Marin provides no bonuses due to the small amount of materials required)

Locations where the item is needed

Note that this lists the total number of grated doors in the location, not the total number of grated doors that must be sawn through to access everything. Some doors simply make things simplier if sawn through and are not required, or may be skipped if trying to avoid theft.

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