Ruined Block of Flats
Ruined Block of Flats
Area Details
Danger Level: Safe
Inhabitants: None
Useful Tools: Saw Blade x2
This block of flats has seen some heavy fighting. Most people had fled the area before the Vyseni rebels clashed there with the military. The battle is over now, and there should be many things left to scavenge, because people were leaving in a rush.

–Area Description

The baby carriage isn't empty. A few objects lie scattered inside - a rattle, a smiling red crab, well worn by baby teeth, a feeding bottle half-full of congealed mass that was probably a baby formula. Someone must have left in a terrible rush... or maybe didn't need them anymore.

–Baby carriage Description


The Ruined Block of Flats is a possible first scavenging location that you will explore. It is safe, well stocked and available in the first few days.

There are two grated doors that require saw blades to get through, one which opens up to a room that contains medicine.


* Pavle, Cveta, Zlata and Anton * Anton, Cveta, and Marko
Ruined Block of Flats 3

Ruined Block of Flats, Decrepit Squat, and the Garage are all accessible on Day 1.

Ruined Block of Flats 5

Ruined Block of Flats, Quiet House, and St. Mary's Church are all accessible on Day 1.

  • Marin, Katia, and Arica
  • Roman and Emilia

It can be blocked off due to fighting.