Rainwater Collector Workshop
Input: Filter
Output: 4 x Clean Water

A simple contraption to collect and filter rainwater needed for cooking and making alcohol. It might be wise to build a couple of them.

–Rainwater Collector Description


The Rainwater Collector is one of the specialized workshops in This War of Mine.

It can be built at the Simple Workshop. It automatically collects rainwater during warm weather, which can be turned into 4x Clean Waters by using a Filter and waiting 5 hours.

During cold weather the Rainwater Collector does not work since the pipes are frozen. Survivors should shovel Snow and melt it at a Stove instead.

Crafting Cost

Rainwater Collector Crafting Cost
Builder Component Wood Parts
Marin 12 4 3
Other 15 5 3


4x Clean Water Crafting Cost
With Rainwater Collector
Crafter Filter
Any 1
With Stove
(Cold Weather)
Crafter Filter Fuel
Any 1 1


  • The Rainwater Collector can get bugged and be unable to be interacted with, even when it is not snowing. When clicked, the character will simply be idle at the collector. There is no way to get around this - the only half solution is to create another Rainwater Collector.


  • There is always rainwater inside the collector during warm weather, regardless of its placement. The player only has to wait for the water to be filtered.
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