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It would be great to listen to current news and weather forecasts. We could be better prepared to deal with hardships if we knew about them well in advance. When there's nothing on the news, we can listen to music and brighten our mood.

–Item Description


The Radio is one of the many household items in This War of Mine. It is crafted at the Simple Workshop. It lets the players know the overall state of Graznavia, Pogoren and provides useful information, such as weather forecasts, surges in raiding and criminal activities, shortages, and more. Keeping up with the news will allow the player to better prepare for upcoming problems and take advantage of various opportunities. Turning the dial on the radio will allow the player to tune to different channels.

If the player is in a custom story, Radio One and City Today have occasionally not shown up and are instead replaced with the static noise. Weather FM and the two music channels will work just fine, though.

Leaving the radio on the music channel provides a small boost to the survivors' mood.

Occasionally, some stations will temporarily cease function.

Crafting Cost

Radio Crafting Cost
Crafter Components Electric Parts
Computer Specialist 5 2
Marin 6 2
Other 7 2


There are 5 channels which can be found on Radio.

Name Content
Radio One Focus on the war developments, the criminals in the city, the ceasefire day, supplies in city.
City Today Prices of specific supplies
Weather FM Temperature
Classical Masterpieces "Some classical music playing..."
Radio Vysena "Music is playing..."

Radio One

News Meaning
We interrupt our broadcast to inform you of a tragic incident. This morning a mortar shell exploded in the marketplace, killing over sixty people and wounding many more.

Despite desperate counterattack by the rebels trying to lift the siege of Pogoren, the city remains cut off. Government forces do not allow any aid to reach the city, claiming it would end up in rebel hands.

Mass graves were discovered in the town of Gravia. The military has secured the area and denies reporters access until the end of the investigation.

The tragedy of the recent marketplace shelling caused a worldwide anti-war uproar. Among the casualties, there were both Vyseni and Grazni people.

Death takes its toll in Pogoren. Sniper fire, mortar shell and cold temperatures are the cause of deaths of many civilians. The spokesman for the military said: "Civilian casualties are the result of tragic accidents and criminal activity within the city".

As if war wasn't enough, crime is on the rise in the city of Pogoren. There are reports of armed assault and robberies.

If you live in Pogoren, be advised to remain at home and lock your doors. Armed bands have taken to the streets.

Bands of looters are on the rampage, attacking homes every night. Extreme vigilance is advised.

Outbreak of Crime
Civic self-defense guard patrols have put an end to the wave of crimes in Pogoren. The worst is over, but it doesn't hurt to remain vigilant. Curb on Crime
The city of Pogoren is suffering extreme shortages of even the most vital supplies. If this goes on, people will soon become scavengers, scouring the city for anything of use.

People are scouring the streets and abandoned houses for everything that can be eaten, burned or traded. If aid doesn't reach the city soon, the situation will become dire.

Components and Wood will be removed from some piles out in the open over the next few days.
Famine and disease reign over the ravaged city of Pogoren. Death takes heavy toll due with no access to food, clean water and medical supplies. Bandages, Medications, Food and Water will be removed from some piles out in the open over the next few days.
The rebel's spokesman informed us that some district might become inaccessible to civilians because of the government forces are planning to storm the city. They hope to end the fighting before the international interventions. Some locations will be inaccessible in the next few days.
The rebel and government forces are engaged in violent skirmishes throughout the city. Some areas have been completely cut off, while other witness heavy fighting. Some locations continue to be inaccessible.
Having suffered heavy losses, the military retreated to their previous positions and resumed the strategy of avoiding direct confrontation. Movement around the city should once again be possible. Locations are no longer inaccessible.
International community has agreed to send the peacekeeping forces to Pogoren. The operation is due to start in approximately two weeks, bringing hope of putting an end to this destructive conflict. Ceasefire in about 14 days.
Only one week remains to the start of the planned international peacekeeping operation. The whole of Graznavia is holding its breath.

We are led to believe that international peacekeepers are going to put an end to the civil war in Graznavia in the upcoming days

Ceasefire in about 11 days.
In the face of the indecisiveness of the international community, the officials of neighboring Gramodian Federal announced that it would undertake the task of protecting Vyseni people from Grazni persecutions and ending the civil war within a week. Ceasefire in about 7 days.
We have a confirmation that the peacekeeping forces are indeed on route to Pogoren. We should expect ceasefire any day now.

The Gramodian Federation troops have crossed the border and are advancing unopposed towards Pogoren. They should reach the city in two or three days.

Ceasefire in the next few days.

City Today

News Meaning
You're listening to radio Pogoren. We regret to announce that our colleague, Joran, died this morning. He was shot by a sniper on his way to work. He will be missed.

Some of our listeners report that the military has been committing acts of violence toward civilians. The spokesman for the military denies.

More atrocities committed by the military. This morning a mortal shell exploded in the crowded Pogoren market place, killing and wounding many people.

The rebel leader instructed us to warn the listeners not to cross the front line. Failure to comply could result in death.

Beware of bands of looters roaming the city. It's best to lock your doors and stay inside. Outbreak of Crime
There are shortages of water throughout the city. If you melt snow for water, make sure to boil it before drinking. Hint on getting water in Winter.
Most animals have disappeared from the streets. Keep in mind when buying meat from dubious sources. Food will be removed from some piles out in the open over the next few days. Traps will fail to catch any rats.
Coffee is becoming less and less available in the besieged city of Pogoren. The prices of coffee on the black market are expected to rise. Coffee prices will increase over the next few days.
Most of us can't imagine starting a day without a cup of coffee. In Pogoren it has become an almost unavailable commodity. The prices skyrocketed and speculators are the ones who profit. Coffee prices are higher than normal and will remain so for the next few days.
Thanks to some humanitarian aid drops, coffee is once again available in Pogoren. It remains an expensive commodity but its prices no longer border on extortion. Coffee prices will drop to normal levels in the next few days.
Fresh vegetables are becoming a rare commodity in Pogoren. Their prices will gradually be rising, according to our analysts. Vegetable prices will increase over the next few days.
Getting fresh vegetables in Pogoren has become more difficult than ever. Most of the transport truck fall into the hands of the military or the rebels Vegetable prices are higher than normal and will remain so for the next few days.
The vegetable crisis seems to be at an end. International aid trucks laden mostly with turnips, beets and potatoes have recently reached the city. Vegetable prices will drop to normal levels in the next few days.
Cigarettes and tobacco are presently used in Pogoren as currency. Nonetheless, the city is running short on them. What will happen if they run out completely? Cigarette and tobacco prices will increase over the next few days.
Due to recent shortage, the prices of cigarettes and tobacco have become exceedingly high. Many people need cigarettes to calm down, but how can they be calm knowing how much they must pay for them? Cigarette and tobacco prices are higher than normal and will remain so for the next few days.
 Medical supplies are among the most sought-after products in Pogoren. Due to high demand and low supply, their prices are expected to become inflated by speculators   Bandages and Medicines prices are higher than normal and will remain so for the next few days.
Cigarettes and tobacco are available in Pogoren once more. How this exactly came about remains a mystery. Theories include smugglers, corrupt military officials and foreign aid. Cigarette and tobacco prices will drop to normal levels in the next few days.
We are led to believe that international peacekeepers are going to put an end to the civil war in Graznavia in the upcoming days.

The Gramodian Federation leader promised that their forces were going to put an end to the conflict in Graznavia in a matter of days.

Ceasefire in the next few days.
Observers warn that we must be prepared for increased shelling tonight. Do not venture outside and stay in the basement if possible. All locations will be inaccessible for one night.

Weather FM

News Meaning
The upcoming days should still be nice and warm. Perfect for a stroll in the park! 20°C over next few days.
It's cool outside, with cloud and possibly rainfall. Our advice for cold evenings is grab a good book and a hot cup of tea and relax in your armchair by the fireplace. 15°C~17°C over next few days.
Overcast the entire South-East Graznavia. It is getting colder every day. Make sure you have enough firewood if central heating is unavailable where you live. Winter is coming
The temperatures are going to plummet in the upcoming days. It will get extremely cold, as if the war wasn't enough. Winter is coming and it will be extremely cold.
It will get much colder. Snowfall is expected in South East Graznavia. Let's give a warm hug to the people of Pogoren. Winter is coming. Below 14°C over next few days.
The next few days should be warm and pleasant if a little bit windy. Above 19°C over next few days.
Winter hold us firmly in its icy grip. Many people froze to death in recent days. The only upside is the decrease in crime, as even the bandits huddle in their home. It's Winter and it's extremely cold. The temperature is about -1°C. During this time, no raids will happen.
It is cold. Unfortunately, higher temperatures are not expected over the next couple of days, so make sure to keep the fire going day and night.

Temperatures are still very low. In besieged Pogoren, firewood is getting harder to come by and people are gathering anything that can be burned.

It's Winter. Below 8°C over the next few days.
We are happy to announce it is getting warmer. The temperatures should continue to rise in the upcoming days. This may bring some relief to the citizens of Pogoren. Cold days has passed event.
We may expect the upcoming days to be quite cool. One of our listeners suggests there's nothing better than a cup of hot mulled wine on a cool day. Enjoy! 17°C~19°C over the next few days.