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A small flask of pure alcohol more valuable than simple moonshine. You can drink it, you can trade it or you can use it to produce meds or bandages.

–Item Description


Pure Alcohol is a Materials category item. It is required component to craft Bandages and Herbal Meds. Alternatively, it can be consumed to alleviate depression. Unlike Moonshine, drinking Pure Alcohol causes Characters unable to guard or scavange for one day.

A small amount (1 to 2) can sometimes be obtained from traders, or while scavenging - which may be enough for the player's needs. Otherwise, a reliable supply can be distilled from Moonshine by using an Alcohol Distiller. Crafting Pure Alcohol typically does not occur until the mid to late game due to the prerequisite structures (Advanced Workshop, Thermo Regulator, and the associated Electric Parts) required to build the Alcohol Distiller.

Crafting Cost

Bruno can craft Pure Alcohol for one less fuel than other characters. Crafting Pure Alcohol makes 2 Pure Alcohol for every 1 Moonshine.

Crafting Cost for 2 x Pure Alcohol
Crafter Moonshine Filter Fuel
Bruno, Livia 1 1 1
Other 1 1 2


  • Unlike it's "Father", Moonshine, which takes 1 inventory slot each, Pure Alcohol can actually stack up to 4, making it easier to manage during scavenging.
  • 1 Pure Alcohol is slightly less valuable than 1 Moonshine. However, since 2 Pure Alcohol can be crafted from 1 Moonshine, the total resultant Pure Alcohol is in-fact more valuable.
  • It is ill-advised to spend your resources on producing your own stockpile of Pure Alcohol, especially if you have Central Square location available to visit. Building a Moonshine Still and stockpiling on Moonshine instead is a much more advantageous option if you plan to use it exclusively for production of Bandages.