Point at a person you want to hurt.

–Item Description


The Pistol is one of the Weapons found in the game. It requires Ammunition to be effective. It can be used for Shelter defense against raids or as a weapon while scavenging.

Pistols are usually obtained as dropped loot from a dead body. 1 can also be found along with approximately 10 Ammunition inside the Survivor's Shelter in the following character scenarios:

  • Roman and Emilia
  • Roman, Arica, and Bruno

Broken Pistol

If a Broken Pistol is acquired, then it can be repaired at an Improved Metal Workshop into a fully-functional Pistol. Broken Pistol's are typically scavenged from hidden or locked containers. A hidden broken pistol can be found at the Abandoned Cottage.

Repair Cost

Pistol Repair Cost
Crafter Icon Weapon Parts Icon Broken Pistol
Marin 4 1
Other 5 1
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