With a bit of patience, some water and sugar we can make a foul-tasting but strong booze. We could then barter it for things we need. Just don't expect too much.

–Moonshine Still Description


The Moonshine Still is one of the specialized Workshops in This War of Mine. Its intended purpose is the creation of Moonshine. It can also be used to create Fuel, like the Stove.

Keep in mind that each bottle of Moonshine takes 1 inventory slot and cannot be stacked.

Moonshine Still Crafting Cost
Builder Icon Components Icon Wood Icon Parts
Marin 12 5 4
Other 14 6 5


It can be used to create moonshine at the cost of Sugar, Clean Water, and Fuel. It can also be used to make Fuel on the spot. It costs 3 sugar and 3 clean water with Bruno, and 4 of each with everyone else. It takes 0.5 hours to set up the crafting and 4 hours for the Moonshine to distill. The time needed to craft is not affected by how many you craft at a time. Only 5 moonshine can be crafted at once per moonshine still.


Moonshinetimewithbruno (1)

Bruno can craft moonshine with reduced cost to sugar and clean water.

Moonshine Crafting Cost
Crafter Sugar Waterclean Fuel
Bruno, Livia 3 3 1
Other 4 4 1
Output Sugar Clean Water Fuel Book Wood Components
1 Moonshine 4 4 1
1 Moonshine (Bruno) 3 3 1
1 Fuel 1
1 Fuel 1
1 Fuel 4
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