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Things get easier when you drink it seems. It's a good trading item.

–Item Description


Moonshine is an Other category item in This War of Mine. It is a bottle of homemade alcohol. It can be crafted at a Moonshine Still, is used to make Pure Alcohol, has a decent trading value, and can only be held in stacks of one. It is quite rare to find without crafting.


Moonshine can only be crafted at a Moonshine Still. Each bottle of moonshine requires 4 Sugar, 4 Clean Water, and 1 Fuel. If Bruno is the one crafting the moonshine, then it only requires 3 Sugar and 3 Clean Water. It takes 0.5 hours to set up the crafting, and 4 hours for the moonshine to distill. The time needed to craft is not affected by how many you craft at a time. Up to 5 moonshine can be crafted at once per still.

Moonshine Crafting Cost
Crafter Sugar Clean Water Fuel
Bruno, Livia 3 3 1
Other 4 4 1


Moonshine can be used as a barter item, a component for crafting Pure Alcohol, or consumed by a survivor to alleviate depression. It has a decent barter value, and is accepted by both Matey and Sandu as medical supplies.

Moonshine can be distilled into Pure Alcohol using the Alcohol Distiller. Pure Alcohol can then be used in the production chain for Bandages and Herbal Meds. Unlike Pure Alcohol, drinking Moonshine does not cause characters unable to guard or scavenge for one day.

Moonshine can also be consumed by your Survivors to help with their Depression similar to how being bandaged improves their health provided they rest despite their current hunger state. After drinking, characters will be afflicted with 'Drunk' status and can no longer run, operate workshops, or eat food (they will say they "really don't feel like it") and will be have their mood state improve by one rating (So Depressed to Sad, Sad to Normal); therefore it is advisable to eat beforehand if alcohol consumption is necessary. Drunk characters can still sleep in a bed as well as trade with Franko without penalty. Most characters that are 'Content' or Normal will refuse to drink alcohol (they will say they have better things to do). The only exception is Anton and Christo who not drink alcohol since they are abstinent, thus they cannot alleviate depression by drinking. Characters can get hung over after getting drunk.