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Mood or morale is one of the many character's state. There are many factors in the game that can affect a character's mood, such as witnessing a traumatizing event, being in a state of crisis, and morale choice through neighbors events and events of locations.

A character's moods have a complex level system and the worsts of which are Depressed and Broken, which lead to a character performing erratic actions such as suicide or leaving the shelter. However a depressed character's mood can be changed by performing good deeds, being well fed or even witnessing others being content.

Brief of Moods table

Level of State Effect Cause Treatment Note

(2 levels)

- Character makes positive comments- Increase movement speed - Being fed at Normal state

- Performing good deeds

- Witnessing others being well fed or content

None Last for 1-4 days depend on characters and feeding

(2 levels)

No effect None None This is the character's default state

(2 levels)

- Character makes negative comments - Stealing or murder or knowing others did it

- Refuse to aid people

- Other in group suffers from Wound, Sickness, Hunger

- Other in group die

- Being hungry for certain characters

- Aid people

- Being Well fed

- Drink Alcohol or Moonshine

- Sleep at night from 1-2 days

Having Zlata in group makes sadness go away significantly faster

(2 levels)

- Slows down character movement- Randomly pauses while building Similar to "Sad", but of higher intensity - Drink Alcohol or Moonshine

- Let other console/ cheer up

- Sleep at night from 1-2 days

- Others can help depressed characters to feed, heal

-Others can console depressed characters from Depressed to Sad

Broken - Disabled all regular functions

- Not able to scavenge

Similar to "Sad", but of much higher intensity - Drink Alcohol or Moonshine

- Let other console/ cheer up

- Sleep at night from 1-2 days

- Other must help depressed character to feed, heal

- Other can console Broken character from Broken to Depressed

Mood level system

Unlike other character states, moods have hidden levels which can't be seen visually.

  1. Content
  2. Hidden level is among Content and Normal
  3. Normal(none)
  4. Hidden level is among Normal and Sad
  5. Sad
  6. Hidden level is among Sad and Depressed
  7. Depressed
  8. Hidden level is among Depressed and Broken
  9. Broken

This explains why some characters become content after learning that others have performed good deeds while others won't, despite all of them saying positive comments in the character profile. Some characters take 1 mood level while others take 2 or more levels when getting happier or sadder. This is similar, to explain why characters are not being sad although negative comments appear in their character profile.

Mood-depleting Factors

Basically there are 3 factors that affect mood:

Witnessing a traumatizing event

  • Getting raided for many days
  • Witnessing other characters suffering from hunger, sickness or injury
  • Death of a group member
  • Character leaving group
  • Children not being cared for properly

Being in crisis states

  • Suffer from starving
  • Suffer from sickness
  • Suffer from injury.

Moral choice

  • Refuse to help a neighbor
  • Refuse to help civilians in certain locations (Garage, Hospital, SuperMarket ...)
  • Stealing from unarmed civilians
  • Murdering unarmed civilians
  • Murdering certain thugs or bandits
  • Agreeing to help a neighbor robbing (Voyt)


  • Agreeing to help a neighbor
  • Agreeing to help a civilian in a certain location (Garage, Hospital, SuperMarket ...)
  • Witnessing other characters being well fed or being content
  • Drinking Alcohol or Moonshine then sleeping at night.
  • Refusing to help a neighbor robbing (Voyt)
  • Letting other characters console
  • Stealing from military deserters (Ruined Villa) (Oct 2015 Currently not working. received no penalty for killing the soliders but had 2 characters go depressed from 2 days of robbing the empty house)
  • Being well fed
  • Have the following furniture: Enough Beds for everybody (Up to a maximum of 4), a Guitar with someone able to play it, enough chairs and an armchair as well as an radio and books for entertainment. The log will notify you of the state of the shelter to know what you will need. If Children are involved, then toys and entertainment must be provided for.
  • Children in a content or happy state

Having a well furnished shelter reduce the rate morale drop to a neutral state which means less time spent in risky scavenge runs or wasting precious resources.

Addictions serve not only as a trading goods penalty but increase the decay rate from content to normal.

Console proficiency

When characters get depressed, a dialogue icon appears above their head and other character can click it to console them. During the consoling, different dialogues appear for certain characters, which indicate their ability of successful cheering up. A successful console conversation revives 2 level of mood(from depressed to sad, from sad to normal for examples), while it may do nothing or revive just 1 level if it fails. All characters need 3,5 hours to complete a consoling conversation.

It is unknown that whether consoling a broken character is harder than a depressed character or not.

Below is the characters' degree of sympathy, which not only indicate characters' console proficiency, but also show their personality correlating to moral choice with crimes.

Degree of sympathy Characters Signs from dialogue of consoling Variant Note
Lowest Bruno, Emilia, Roman, Computer Specialist, Insurance Agent Hey [Name], listen to me

What do you want?

Just to remind you that you're not alone here

Go away...

No! I want to make it through, and I need your help stop crying and pull yourself together!

[Name], I can see you're down...

...but we need to work together to make it

I doubt we'll make it...

We won't, if you don't help. Come on! Get a grip!

Trying's not good enough

Alright, stop pestering me already!

What do you want me to do?

Almost can't console other
Moderate Anton, Arica, Marin, Irina, Pharmacist, Police Officer Please, [Name]...

...don't give up

It's so keep going...

I know. I know.

But we have to go on

It's hopeless. But... I'll do what I can

Hey [Name], sorry to bother you...

...but you can't just sit there and cry

That's none of your business

I didn't mean to offend you...

...but you mustn't give up

Don't tell me what I must or mustn't do!

Quit it! We have to help each other to survive!

Decent sometimes
High Pavle, Katia, Marko, Esma, Christo, Henrik, Malik, Photographer, Forester [Name], you can't give up!

It's hard, but we are in it together!

I...I know. But all this...

It's too much for me

Yeah...things look grim...

...but I'm here for you if you need me

thank you. You are a good friend

[Name], you know you're not alone in this.

Yeah...I just...

I don't think we make it

If we are to make it...

...we must help each other, right?


This mean we'll be needing you, [Name]

Sorry. You're right

I'll try to pull myself together

High chance of successful cheering up
Highest Zlata, Cveta, Boris, Adem, Psychologist [Name], you look really sad

you wanna talk?

No, I don't

Ok then, we can sit together in silence

Oh come on, I don't need your pity

I'm not leaving you until you talk to me

I know you're suffering, [Name]

I'do anything to help you

Thank you. Pity you can't, eh?

I just...I really wish I could

Sorry. And thank you. Really

Now go away

High chance of successful cheering up( is still able to fail though)