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Their taste is terrible, but they can save your life in sickness.

–Item Description


Medications are Basic Items in the game. They are obtainable by crafting through the Improved Herbal Workshop, trading or scavenging.

They are a single-use item that can cure 'slightly sick' status or downgrade higher levels of sickness.


Combining Medications with rest almost always reduces sickness by one level. The levels of sickness are:

  1. Healthy
  2. Slightly Sick
  3. Sick
  4. Severely Ill
  5. Terminally Ill

Improvement occurs one level at a time regardless of the method or medication used.

  • Resting, by itself, is the least effective method and has a low chance of success. Merely resting is (most likely) ineffective against the more advanced stages of sickness.
  • Combining rest with Herbal Meds increases the chance to reduce sickness.
  • Combining rest with Medications always reduces sickness.
  • A character may recover 2 levels of sickness from medication if it has no other negative alignments at the start of next day.

Crafting Cost

Medications - Improved Herbal Workshop
Crafter Herbs Med Ingredients Time
Bruno, Livia, Pharmacist 2 1 1 h
Other 4 2

Alternative Treatment at the City Hospital

Sick or Severely Ill characters can seek free aid from a Nurse at the City Hospital. To do this the sick character must be selected for scavenging at the locale, then talk to a nurse to have free treatment applied. The character will receive the 'On Medications' notification listed next to their level of sickness in the character pane. Returning to the shelter afterwards will apply the medicinal healing - decreasing the level of sickness by at least 1 level and removing the 'On Meds' notification.

Characters that are Slightly Sick or Terminally Ill cannot seek free medication from the City Hospital. Slightly Sick characters will be informed that they do not have enough supplies to treat minor sickness, and Terminally Ill characters cannot scavenge and so cannot leave the shelter to visit the Hospital.

However, if Slightly Sick characters receive treatment at the City Hospital due to being Wounded or Severely Wounded, they will also receive the 'On Meds' treatment.

Trade Value

Its trade value is very high, comparable to Assault Rifles and other high level goods. Donating medications to the City Hospital will help the troubled, pained patients and will also make your survivors happy. You can also sell medications to Matey in the Garage for a very favorable exchange rate.