I'll give you a lot for medical supplies.

–Matey addresses the player


Matey is a Trader at the Garage. His father is sick so he is very interested in bartering for medical supplies- which includes Medications, Bandages and Herbal Meds.

Traded Items

Matey trades all the different types of tools as well as other items.

Matey is one of the few traders that trades Electric Parts, a vital and rare item. His supply is limited per visit. His inventory can contain all five of the games Equipment items.


Matey's exchange rate is very favorable when offered Medications, Bandages, or Herbal Meds. Even when offered Herbal Meds, he will say: "Exactly what I need! I will give you a lot for this!". Other traders will merely say the item is 'Interesting.'

Matey's exchange rate for Medical supplies is better than Franko's. For example, using Katia in warm weather to sell-

  • Medications: Franko will trade for 26 Components; Matey for 32+ Components (at this point nothing else can be traded and Matey still considers the trade "Very generous of you")
  • Herbal Meds: Franko will trade for 20 Components; Matey for 28 Components (Matey gives more for Herbal Meds than Franko will for higher-value Medications).

However, Matey's exchange rate for some items is lower than Franko's. For example, using Katia to trade

  • A Shotgun: Franko will trade for 26 Components; Matey for 17 Components
  • Moonshine: Franko will trade for 13 Components; Matey for 12 Components
  • Additionally, Matey will not buy Components, Lock Picks, and most tools from the player at all.

Other trade examples using Katia to trade during warm weather:

Winter weather and character selection can make Matey's exchange rate less than half (approximately 2/5ths) than what Katia would get during warm weather. For example, using Boris in winter weather to sell-

  • Herbal Meds: Matey will trade for 11 Components + 1 Clean Water.
  • Bandages: Matey will trade for 15 Components + 1 Clean Water.

Taking these details into account, Matey is one of the most valuable traders in the game, especially with a bandages and medication economy. The Pharmacist custom character uses 1 set of Med Ingredients and 2 Herbs to produce 1 medication. This can be sold for much more than the cost of the materials needed.


  • Matey's locale, the Garage, may become inaccessible due to snow or fighting.
  • If the player trades Medications (or even Moonshine) to him then the survivors will receive a morale boost.
  • Giving Medications also impacts the recollection of events during the ending.
  • Matey is currently exploitable as it is possible with Katia to sell Medical Supplies to him and then buy them back for less than the value you sold them for.
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