Something broke? I can fix it. Any worthless trash lying around? I can make plenty of useful stuff out of junk. And I don't waste material - all of them, parts, bits of wood, plastic pipes ... and all of the other ... things. I know how to make tools, furniture, stoves, heaters, whatever. Given enough time, I could make this place look almost like a proper home. I wish it was equally simple with mine.

–Marin's Description



Marin's in-game appearance.

Marin is a playable character in This War of Mine. He is addicted to coffee and has an inventory size of 10. He is susceptible to depression but is not really affected when other survivors commit crimes like theft or murder. He has less of a chance at cheering up other survivors.


He is a Handyman, meaning he is able to craft and upgrade using less materials compared to other characters. In the early game and especially in winter starts this can be a considerable help.

Recruitment Speech

My name is Marin. I ran a repair workshop, but it was burned down. I have nothing to go back to... Maybe I could stay here with you? I'm handy with all kinds of tools. If you have some junk lying around, I could use it to make this place more habitable.

Character Story

People treasure their possessions now. In the past, they just tossed out anything that broke. I had a hard time living off my workshop, people were dropping by once or twice a day, mostly like that old lady who had been using the same iron since she was a young bride and the world was brighter... but there were exceptions.
One day a little boy brought his action figure with a broken arm. You can't glue that kind of plastic. Oh my, I said, this is serious, and his eyes welled up and I had no heart to turn him down, so I just told him to return the next day. I fixed it - trade secret - and when he saw it, his smile lit up the whole room. I don't know what became of him. I found the same toy in the street again after all went to hell.
I was asked to make a set of burglary tools. I refused. Money was good, but I wanted none of it. I wish I knew those customers wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. They came for me when I was upstairs with my wife, fast asleep. I figure they couldn't force the shop door, so they just tossed a Molotov through the window. Our bedroom window.
I don't even know how I escaped. My wife didn't. All I cared about was burned to the ground. Every now and then I think about that boy. Where is he now? What is he doing? Is he still alive? If he is, I'm gonna find him one day. I'm sure he misses his toy.


People value their things now. And they used to dump all that broke into the trash! I ran a repair business, but I couldn't make a good living with just a couple customers a day. Mostly old women who would use the same meat grinder all their life if only they could. Not that I complain. Wouldn't see much business otherwise.
One day a kid brought an action figure with a broken arm. They make them from plastic that can't be glued. And there are no spare parts. All on purpose, to sell more new toys. But I fixed it anyway! And gave it back to the boy. Oh, how happy he was. Later, after everything went to hell, I found his toy in the street. And I knew... I knew he wouldn't part with it for his life.
I was asked to make a set of burglary tools. I refused. Money was good, but I wanted none of it. I should have taken the job. When the thugs came for me, we... I was taken upstairs, fast asleep, and the shop door was locked. I know my doors and locks, so they just tossed a Molotov through the bedroom window.
The flames were everywhere. I grabbed the sheets and tried to, tried to, you know. Smother the fire. But her hair - everything was burning. Everything was burned down. I escaped. I don't know how. I wish I had taken that job.



Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Description
Dead "These hardened hands will never again make anything right neither for Marin, nor for anyone else. The tragic story of this man came to an end. Maybe he finally found peace."
Suicide "Having lost everything, overcome by grief and remorse, Marin committed suicide. He was buried in a shallow grave like so many other victims of war."
Abandoned "One night, Marin left the shelter, taking the action figure he had mentioned with him. He disappeared without a trace."
Karma "Marin survived, but scarred for life, and not just physically. He opened a small repair business in a rented basement, sleeping under the workbench. Soon, he was booted out for lagging with his rent as he kept spending all income on booze. He died in a hospice of liver failure."
Sad "Marin cheated death again and saw the end of fighting. Although he remained plagued by the survivor's guilt, he set about rebuilding his life and soon he was running a small repair business, again. He kept the action figure on his workbench but never found the courage to look for its previous owner."
Good "Surviving the war, Marin set about finding the boy who once brightened his day. His efforts proved futile so he rebuilt his house and kept the action figure in the shop window. And one winter afternoon, the entrance bell rang and the familiar smile has once again filled Marin's workshop - and his life - with light."
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