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What did you get for your birthday? I got a pram for my doll and a t-shirt with a princess on it from my daddy. I don't know what my mom will give me. She's not living at home anymore. And now she won't find us here, daddy says he left her a message but he didn't know what address to use, but he says he'll let her know somehow. I hope she comes back and stays with me. Even if she doesn't have any presents. I know it's hard to get presents now.

–Lydia's Description


Selecting Lydia automatically pairs her with her aunt Irina. As a child she is somewhat of a liability but can be taught to do various crafts. For example, cooking, cigarettes, filters, toys, growing herbs and vegetables and so on. It takes longer time for children to complete everything than adults.

As a child she requires less food than an adult and can go from 'Hungry' to 'Well Fed' status by eating a single cooked meal. Also, She cannot converse with visitors, including the trader Franko. Visitors will always ask if there is an adult they can talk to instead.

Recruitment Speech

Great! Look, I have to ask you for a favor, but you won't regret it, I promise. I had to flee from my home with my daughter and sister, but I know some people who owe me - I just need to meet them and arrange for a place for us and squeeze them for some supplies. And I'll share them with you when I'm back for my ladies.


Rejection Speech

Evgeni seemed like a resourceful guy, he must have managed to find some other temporary refuge for his ladies.


Like other children, she can't scavenge outdoors(scavenging in the shelter is doable), fight and guard. What she can do is limited and mostly needed to be taught first. But it does not need to be taught to craft certain toys such as jump rope and ball. Same for using Rainwater Collector, meat or vegetable or herb collection from Garden and Trap.

If adults have not conversed with her for a few days, she probably will complain why no one talks to her. She will become happier or content by playing toys alone or interact with adults. Cveta are greater than others to console towards Child survivors. What mentioned in the paragraph apply to other children.


Lydia relies on Irina a lot. If Irina gets wounded, sick or killed, she will become sad. After Irina comes back the shelter, Lydia always show concerns aboout Irina's absence last night and hugs Irina next. Lydia's father, Evgeni who left for help has huge influence on her personality. According to your choices in the story, her story and ending are closely related to her father.

Character Story

  1. "I hope daddy comes back soon. And mommy too. I know they don't like each other now, but they don't argue as much as they did before she moved out. Maybe we'll live together again someday."
  2. "With rubble and sand we built a barricade in our front yard. We found an old pipe, and we put it on our barricade and pretended it was a cannon. We would pretend to fight off the soldiers, and shoot our cannon at them."
  3. "It's taking my daddy an awfully long time to find anew home for us. I hope it will be nice. Our home was very nice, we had a garden and a swing. On my birthday we had a big party with my friends from school. I hoped that my mom would come, but daddy said she couldn't."
  4. "On the night after my birthday, there was a lot of shooting and shouting outside and in the morning, daddy told me that we had to go. We couldn't even take my doll's pram. I hope those people will stops hooting at each other. Why can't they just sit down and talk it out?"


  1. "I wish my parents didn't argue so much. Mommy always wanted to move out of the city and dad used to shout at her saying that she wanted us to live like beggars. If they didn't shout so much maybe she would be still with me. I miss her."
  2. "I think daddy should be back any time now. I wish I could call my mommy and tell her to come. I used to call her every day when the phone still worked. She promised me that she would come to my birthday. But she didn't."
  3. "The day before my birthday, I asked daddy if mom was coming. He said he didn't know, that it was dangerous to move around the city.I cried, and he gave me presents to make me stop. My friends came and we had a party, but mom didn't come. It was my worst birthday ever."
  4. "I couldn't sleep because there were people shouting and shooting in the street. In the morning, dad packed some things and said that we had to run. I left almost all of my toys. Even my new pram. Why do people keep fighting like that? It´s worse than arguing and shouting.



Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Description
Dead "N/A"
Suicide "N/A"
Abandoned "Lydia disappeared one quiet night and after wandering the streets for days she was saved by humanitarian workers. After the war, her mother found her through the Red Cross."
Karma "When the war ended, Lydia's mother managed to find her living close to their old place. She insisted that everything that had happened to her was Evgeni's fault."
Sad "After the war, Lydia moved with her father to live with their relatives in the country. She has never seen her mother again."
Good "After the end of the fighting, Evgeni quickly found Lydia's mother. They are still divorced, but Lydia sees her mother every week.And the big doll house that she got from her is her favorite toy."


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