It's single use but opens locks quickly and quietly.

–Item Description


A Lock Pick is an Equipment item in This War of Mine. It is used to open locked doors and locked containers which exists in almost all in-game locations, containing valuable loot or providing shortcuts. Lock Picks work much quieter and faster than Crowbars. However, they cannot be reused or used as a melee weapon like crowbar do.

Lock Picks are good for stealthy infiltrations of dangerous areas. Additionally, they can aid inventory management while scavenging since they will be worn out after a single use.

Crafting Cost

Lock Pick Crafting Cost
Crafter Icon Components Icon Parts
Any 3 1


Lock picks are slightly uncommon, though they eventually get more common due to the ease of crafting them, and availability at many traders.

  • The rubble piles or containers at Our Shelter contains at least one lock pick.
  • Lock picks are sold by Franko, the traveling merchant. Matey at the Garage also sells large quantities of them, at a very cheap price. Vanya occasionally has them available as well.
  • Can be found by scavenging, with an uncommon loot rate.
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