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I grew up in this city, but went abroad to study and started working as a reporter. I'd been away for years. When the troubles escalated into a war, I was picked to write reports on it. I'd have volunteered anyway, I was so anxious to check on my parents. But it was too late. I found my house in ruins, my family had disappeared. I've been looking for them ever since.

–Katia's Description


Katia is one of the many Playable Characters found in the game.

She has Bargaining Skills, which makes her Trades better. She is Addicted to Coffee and has an inventory size of 12.

She is susceptible to depression

She can play the Guitar well.

Recruitment Speech

Hi I'm Katia. Before this hell broke out I used to work as a reporter. I was the first to deliver breaking news, meeting important people, travel a lot. Now I don't even know where my family is. I hope they went into hiding and are ok. I'll stay here with you until the fighting is over, ok?


Katia's Bargaining Skills and decent inventory size of 12 spaces can make her a good choice when going out at night purely for trading (e.g at the Garage or Central Square). She should not be sent into dangerous territories without some thought. Her Combat skills are lower than average, but she can still perform a instant kill back-stab from a hiding spot with a better weapon than the Crowbar. She is significantly worse as a Guard, but it needs more testing to be sure.


Katia's in-game appearance.

She gets sadder easier than Pavle and Marko in the same sympathy tier, so you have to be more careful with committing crimes and moral choices. One theory for this reason could be her addiction to Coffee makes her more susceptible to moral choices if it has not been provided the same day as the mood drop.

She will become happier if the snipers are killed at the Construction site.

Character Story

  1. "I've been around more than any of my friends and relatives. I've met famous people, readers found my interviews funny and incisive. But when I try to write down my experiences... I'm stuck. I want to find and hug my folks, not write about them. I wish I had been seeing them more often."
  2. "So many years I've spent away that I hardly recognized my city. I used to be friends with everybody. Now, if I smile to a stranger I'm taken for a fool or a prostitute or, worse still, a snitch. But I'm fine with that, there are other ways to compel people into seeing things my way"
  3. "When, defeated, I was about to leave my parents' neighborhood, my childhood friend recognized me. I thought he'd help me find out what happened to my folks. Turned out it was I who could help. A local girl had been held up by the army under some pretense. Everybody turned up at the base to protest and demand her release. They needed a deputy."
  4. "I marched into the base flashing my press badge and demanded - in English! - to see the commander. After a bit of bickering, he assured me that there must have been some mix-up and that the girl would be released. I guess the envelope with "evidence" gathered among the locals helped as much as my bluff... but what counts is that we got her out."


  1. ''I've been around more than any of my friends and relatives, been to the Oscar galas, talked to socialites. I should've stayed with my own people and talked to my folks. Instead, I wasted my life writing fluff pieces on buffoons - and deemed it important! You don't appreciate what you have until you lose it.''
  2. "This city used to welcome everybody with open arms. I loved the old town cafes where I could meet new friends from all over the world. Will people ever become this easygoing again? If we make it through, I must do what I can to help them remember how it was. Because we can accomplish a lot if we just stand together."
  3. "I was about to leave my parents' neighborhood empty-handed when an acquaintance halted me and said that there was a "situation" I could help with. The army had arrested a local beauty under some cooked up charge. I guess it doesn't need explaining what she was wanted for. The locals pooled the ransom money and needed someone to deliver it."
  4. "My press badge and a bit of bluffing bought me five minutes with the commander. It was all I needed to convince him that it would be in his best interests to give up the girl and take the bribe. He insisted that we exchange contacts to meet "in more opportune circumstances". I agreed... I still could use the opportunity to erase that smug smile off his face forever."


Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Description
Dead "Katia never found her parents, but they did find her grave one day with her war diary buried alongside. They published it without any alterations. It became a bestseller."
Suicide "Unable to cope with what had transpired, Katia broke down completely. She was found dead, her hand still clutching her war diary. Her parents never learnt about her fate."
Abandoned "Katia left the shelter one night, leaving behind her war diary. It was passed to her distraught parents, who published it after a few years."
Karma "After the war Katia located her parents in a refugee camp abroad, but they were no longer the people she knew. They remained abroad, where they're struggling to forget the past. Katia has burnt all her notes and she never writes about the war."
Sad "Katia used her contacts to find her parents in a refugee camp abroad. She returned to her city, but they refused and once again they were separated. After a few years they passed away and only then did Katia find the determination to publish her war diary."
Good "Katia used her contacts to find her parents in a refugee camp abroad. She brought them back to the city and helped them rebuild their house. Soon after that she published her war diary, which became a bestseller and drew widespread attention to the fate of civilians during war."
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