The following guidelines should be adhreed to when uploading an image to this Wiki.

It is important that everyone adhere to the same system so that there will be uniformity in our contributions. 

Name Your Image

Please do not upload an image with the default name (Eg. the default name of a screenshot taken with an iPad or iPhone is


Please rename it to something that helps identify what it is. This will allow other people who search for existing images to find yours and to use that, rather uploading a duplicate. This Wiki does not have infinite space for images so we need to mindful that we only have one version of each image.

Naming Conventions

All Images should be named as follows

  • Materials = Name of Material.png
  • Equipment = Name of Equipment.png


  • Name.png (this is the image at the bottom left that appears when this character is selected, and shows their status effects
  • Polaroid = Name Polaroid.png
  • Polaroid when dead = Name Deceased.png
  • Diary = Name Diary.png

Tag Your Image to a Category

Tagging Images to categories helps others to find and use your image and helps Staff to identify Duplicate Images. Images that are not tagged to a category may be deleted, so make sure yours is tagged correctly.

Examples of Image Categories include...

Edit Your Image

Please crop all images appropriately prior to uploading them.

Images should have the background removed and uploaded as transparent PNG file.

Where possible, it should be "Saved for Web" in that it should be as small a file size as possible (without loosing image quality).

Blur Usernames

Please ensure than any/all identifying marks like Usernames are removed from all images unless it is your username and you're happy for it to be included.

Trouble Uploading an Image?

Contact an Admin and they will do what they can to assist you.

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