Icon Herbal Workshop
A table with some simple equipment where we can prepare herbal meds, bandages and low quality roll-up cigarettes. We can upgrade it to make real meds and good quality cigarettes.

–Herbal Workshop Description


The Herbal Workshop is a specialized Workshop in This War of Mine. It can be crafted from an Improved Workshop.

Herbal Workshop

The Herbal Workshop can be used to craft Bandages, Cigarettes, Herbal Meds, Homegrown Tobacco, and Roll-up Cigarettes.

Crafting Cost

Herbal Workshop (crafted at Improved Workshop)
Builder Icon Components Icon Wood Icon Parts Hourglass
Marin 12 5 2 1 h
Other 14 6 2

Improved Herbal Workshop

It enables the manufacture of real meds and quality roll-up cigarettes.

–Improved Herbal Workshop Description

The Improved Herbal Workshop can be used to additionally create Medications and the Quality Roll-up.

Cost to upgrade

Improved Herbal Workshop Upgrade
Builder Icon Components Icon Wood Icon Parts Icon Electric Parts Icon Mixer Hourglass
Computer Specialist 18 18 2 3 1 1 hr
Marin 24 24 3 4
Other 30 30 3 4


In the code, Herbal Workshop is still referenced as "HomeLab", despite an item named "HerbalWorkshop"(UNAVAILABLE) exists.

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