Simple medications based on herbs. Sometimes they help, sometimes they don't. Still, they're better than nothing.

–Item Description


Herbal Meds are a Basic Item in the game. They are obtainable by crafting through the Herbal Workshop, trading or scavenging.

They are a single-use item that can be used in an attempt to cure 'slightly sick' status or downgrade higher levels of sickness. Herbal Meds have a chance of failure in reducing sickness level compared to medications.

Sandu at the City Hospital and Matey at the Garage request Medical supplies, which includes Herbal Meds.

Donating bandagesmedications, Pure Alcohol or Herbal Meds to either party can make some survivors happy; as well as give special credits during the Epilogue.


Combining Herbal Meds with rest increases the chances of reducing sickness by one level. The levels of sickness are:

  1. Healthy
  2. Slightly Sick
  3. Sick
  4. Severely Ill
  5. Terminally Ill

Herbal meds can only be used for slightly sick and sick people, they cannot be used for severely ill or terminally ill people. Improvement occurs one level at a time regardless of the method or medication used.

  • Resting, by itself, is the least effective method and has a low chance of success. Merely resting is (most likely) ineffective against the more advanced stages of Sickness.
  • Combining rest with Herbal Meds increases the chance to reduce Sickness.
  • Combining rest with Medications almost always reduces Sickness.

Crafting Cost

Herbal Meds - Herbal Workshop
Crafter PureAlcoholIcon Herbs Hourglass
Pharmacist 1 3 1 h
Other 1 4

Using the Herbal Workshop: 1 x Pure Alcohol, 4 x Herbs

Trade Value

Its Trading value is high, but not as high as real medications or bandages.

The exception is Matey (at the Garage) who has a very favorable exchange rate when offered Herbal Meds. If offered, he will say: "Exactly what I need! I will give you a lot for this!". Other traders will merely say the item is "Interesting."

The production chain for Herbal Meds can be made entirely from plentiful base components (Scavenged or from Traders) and is crafted at a first-tier Herbal Workshop. Medications, in comparison, require the un-craftable (rare and finite) Med Ingredients crafted at a second-tier Improved Herbal Workshop.

Exchange Rate

With Katia during warm weather, Matey will give 28 Components for Herbal Meds, whereas Franko gives only 20 Components. Compare this to higher-value Medications which Franko gives 26 Components for - Matey still gives more Components when offered the weaker Herbal Meds.

Winter weather and Character selection can make the exchange rate much worse. For example, during Winter and using Boris - Matey will only give 11 Components + 1 Clean Water for Herbal Meds.

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