Category: Weapons
Craftable? Yes
Crafted at: Advanced Metal Workshop
Used to create: Shelter Defense,
It gives some protection against bullets and knives.

–Item Description


The Helmet is a Weapons category item. It increases the defense rating of survivors against raids at the shelter or while out scavenging.

It can be scavenged from containers or obtained as a loot drop from dead bodies.

Damaged Helmet

If a Damaged Helmet is obtained, then it can be repaired at the Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Helmet.

Repair Cost

Helmet Repair Cost
Crafter Component Parts DamagedHelmetIcon
Marin 4 3 1
Other 5 3 1


The HUD Icon shows a M1 Pot Helmet, used extensively by the US armed forces since WW2 to late 80's, before being replaced by the PASGT helmet.