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It gives some protection against bullets and knives.

–Item Description


The Helmet is a Weapons category item. It increases the defense rating of survivors against raids at the shelter or while out scavenging. It decreases damage from everything slightly, anything that would kill you has a chance to only lethally wound you, severely wounded becomes wounded etc.

It can be scavenged from containers or obtained as a loot drop from dead bodies.

Damaged Helmet

If a Damaged Helmet is obtained, then it can be repaired at the Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Helmet.

Repair Cost

Helmet Repair Cost
Crafter Components Parts Damaged Helmet
Marin 4 3 1
Other 5 3 1


The HUD Icon shows a M1 Pot Helmet, used extensively by the US armed forces since WW2 to late 80's, before being replaced by the PASGT helmet.