Simple Heater

Allows us to heat the shelter, so that we don't get ill. We can prepare fuel for it using wood, books or various components.

–Item Description


The Heater is one of the Household Items in This War of Mine. It is useful during Winter to keep The Shelter warm and prevent the survivors from getting Sick or freezing to death.

The temperature to guarantee survivors won't become sick is 15°C, since the thermometer changes its color from a deep red to a blurred red at 14°C. This means that players should let the temperature go above 15°C by at least 2-3°C before 8 PM, as there is a 2-3° temperature drop at nightfall.

Simple Heater

The Simple Heater is often provided for free during game runs where Winter immediately starts and can be located in the basement. Otherwise, it can be crafted at a Simple Workshop and placed anywhere in the shelter.

Cost to build

Heater Crafting Cost
Crafter Icon Components Icon Wood
Marin 15 5
Other 18 6

Improved Heater

It heats up the shelter much more efficiently using less fuel.

–Item Description

The Improved Heater can maintain higher temperatures using less Fuel. However, a considerable investment must be made; the survivors will need to craft a Thermo Regulator from Electric Parts, and this can only be done at an Advanced Workshop.

The benefits from an Improved Heater compared to a Simple Heater is not simply that it uses less fuel, however, since that effect seems minor. The real benefit is that the Improved Heater can reach higher temperatures than the Simple Heater. Filled with 6 fuel, two Simple Heaters will reach a maximum of 16~21°C depending on when the day is ended, while 6 fuel in one Simple Heater and one Improved Heater reaches a maximum of 24°C.

Be warned: Upgrading the heater will waste ALL the fuel currently inside it, so consider upgrading it if you can spare the fuel, or the fuel in the heater is already running low.

Cost to upgrade

Improved Heater Upgrade Cost
Crafter Icon Components Icon Parts Icon Thermo Regulator Hourglass
Computer Specialist 12 3 1 1 hr
Marin 16 4
Other 20 5


  • The Heater can store at most 6 Fuel. The more Fuel it stores, the more it increases the temperature inside the Shelter, keeping everyone warm.
  • Fuel seems to burn slower in the Improved Heater.
  • If you're having a hard time staying warm in the winter, try building an additional Heater. Two Heaters with full Fuel stacks (6 fuel in each) will take a toll on your resources, but will guarantee the max temperature of 24°C.
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