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We can use it to chop furniture... or people.

–Item Description


The Hatchet is one of the tools in This War of Mine. It can be crafted through the Improved Metal Workshop. It can be used to chop down furniture, such as cabinets and beds, and turn them into Wood and Fuel. It can also be used as the most powerful melee weapon in the game, outclassing the knife. The destruction of furniture is almost as loud as using a crowbar, and can sometimes be used effectively to lure distant hostile NPCs to a hiding spot. NPCs in the City Hospital may turn hostile if the survivor chops down furniture, in a similar way that they may turn hostile after being caught stealing. Each hatchet can be used 10 times before breaking, with no durability penalty from using it as a weapon.

Crafting Cost

Hatchet Crafting Cost
Crafter Wood Weapon Parts
Marin 4 4
Other 5 5

Hatchet Uses

Hatchet price versus uses

The hatchet can be used 10 times before it disappears. Strictly speaking, the price decreases an average of 1.89 each time you use it (standard Franko component equivalents), then the very last tenth is worth 7.0. You may want to sell the nub on the spot (if you can), leave it, or bring it back, especially if some other slot would otherwise hold less than a value of 7.

Or you can simply consider the price of each swing as 2.4 (24/10).

Collage of hatchet usage bar

Usage Bar

A few places on the usage bar can serve as placemarkers. When you've used it 4 times and there are 6 chops left, the health bar is just above the upper right of where it touches the hatchet. When there are three left, it's just above the upper left of the hatchet. From there, 2 and 1 uses are easy to tell apart, now that you've seen the visual aid.

Other tools probably use the same graphic.


  • The Hatchet does more damage than the Knife, however, it is a less effective weapon in raid defense because it is classified as a tool. In hand-to-hand combat, it also appears to have a higher chance of failure than the knife (needs confirmation).
  • Roman, Boris, and Arica can use the Hatchet to instant-kill Back-stab from behind.
  • Everyone (except for possibly Cveta) can use the Hatchet in Combat
  • The amount of time taken and durability loss when chopping furniture is the same for all types of furniture. For this reason, players should prioritize large objects (such as wardrobes and desks) since they give more Fuel.
    • Because small furniture (especially chairs) might not produce fuel and you may have more wood than you can haul from a location anyway, you may not want to hatchet chairs. It also saves time and uses the hatchet more efficiently while prolonging its life.
  • You can hatchet something before emptying it. The resulting container will have the original items plus the resulting wood and fuel. You don't need to spend time cleaning it out first.