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Everything that we can burn in the heater to warm up our place, or in the stove to cook food. We can make it from wood, books or components.

–Item Description


Fuel is a Consumables category item in the game. It is used to cook food, melt snow, heat the shelter, and craft alcohol. During snowy weather traders sell fuel at a premium, especially the traveling trader Franko. It can be stacked up to 4 units.

Fuel Usage

Obtaining Fuel

Aside from Trading, fuel can be acquired by:

  • Using various workshops (such as Moonshine Still or Stove) to convert BooksWood, or Components to Fuel.
  • Chopping down wooden furniture with the Hatchet. Bringing a Hatchet on scavenging trips allows players to carry back greater amounts of Fuel (as Wood stacks to 2 but Fuel stacks to 4).

Crafting Costs