Fading Embers is the third installment in This War of Mine: Stories. The expansion features a narrative-driven scenario that portrays the story of Anja. Living in a warzone and carrying a heavy burden, Anja wrestles with herself to answer the question of what is more important - survival of human legacy or the survival of a man.


Right at the beginning, an unknown man stumbles through a blizzard, trying to reach safety. Anja takes this man in and tries to take care of him, as he is severely wounded and ill.


Anja's house is equipped with one bed and a Garden to grow vegetables in. There is a shed which used to be her grandfather's workshop. There his old artwork and some memorabilias are stored. 

Trying to sustain herself, she soon meets one of her neighbours, Tito, during her nightly scavenges. He asks Anja for 6 fuel to keep him warm. He also points her to the The Samuel Institute (Final Cut) for ressources.

It is helpful to search the Construction Site first to get enough Material for a second bed, as the stranger will occupy the available bed at all times, preventing Anja from getting the much needed sleep. Make sure to visit Tito only after securing enough basic materials, as the visit will trigger some events. First, your home is shelled, caving in a part of the workshop. Second, you only have 3 days to gather enough fuel for Tito to survive. Saving on fuel for Anja's home slows the recuperation of the stranger, but keeping the temperature around or somewhat above 0 degrees, keeps him alive for the moment.

At day 2, Milena, curator of The Pogoren Museum is visiting Anja, offering a shelter for her, the stranger, and most of all, the artwork of Anja's grandfather. As the stranger can't be moved at the moment due to his bad condition, this option is out of the question at this time.

Some days later, Milena will repeat her offering, but Anja again declines the offer, as the stranger is still in no condition to be moved. However, some days later, Milena returns with 2 pill bottles, which should help the stranger to recover substantially.

After some time, the stranger begins to mutter in his sleep and is even adressable when awake. Anja learns that he is a Jew and his Synagogue was attacked by the Grazni military and almost all members of the consecration were killed. The stranger is called Ruben, a stage actor, and he managed to save some very valuable Jewish items.


There are several endings to this story and not a single one is fully satisfying. You can only aim for the least costly one.

Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending 1: Giving the picture to military

Ending 2: Give Tara the documents

Ending 3: Survive the war

Ending 4: Anja dies
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