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She is addicted to smoking cigarettes.

She has an inventory size of 12.


Esma's Sneaks Quietly trait reduces the amount of noise she makes from running or jumping. While Esma can backstab, her strength is unlike Arica in that some hardier enemies (soldiers, gang members) will not be killed in one hit.

Unlike other characters, running or walking does not attract the enemy's attention. She can unlock lockers with Lock Picks silently and makes little noise when using a crowbar. However she still makes loud noises when chopping furniture with the hatchet.


Esma is a tier B combat proficiency character. Her backstab does not kill an enemy in one hit. However, she is quick with reloading and melee combat, making her a reasonable choice for combat.

Emsa is a great scavenger because of her large inventory size and quiet sneaking. She is also excellent at stealing, as she can run and rob without being easily caught. She is mediocre at combat, but beginning a fight with a backstab thanks to her Sneaks Quietly trait gives her a significant advantage.

In The Last Broadcast, Esma is your only choice for scavenging for much of the scenario, depending on your choices.


Esma is a pragmatic woman, who believes in doing what is necessary to help her and her husband survive. She has little issue with theft and burglary, if necessary. However, she believes it's important to help others, so stealing from innocents or the elderly will upset her.

She has no problem with murdering those that deserve it, such as gang members, although this does not extend to civilians who side with the military. As her son is in the military, she reacts very poorly to the murder of soldiers. She has a warm heart and will become content from aiding neighbors.

Esma is addicted to smoking and her mood will be slowly drained if her addiction is not satisfied. However, the effect is negligible. She also plays the guitar well.

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