Electric Parts
Category: Materials
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A
Used to create: Workshops,
Heat Lamp,
Thermo Regulator,
Reinforced Door,
Some electric parts. They will come in handy if we want to introduce advanced improvements to our shelter.

–Item Description


Electric Parts are a Material in This War of Mine.

They are the rarest components and tend to be the most expensive. They can be obtained by scavenging or trade.

The Computer Specialist, a character choice in a custom game, receives a 40% discount on anything requiring Electric Parts as a component.

Using Parts


Locations Electric Parts Notes (Scenarios)
Hotel 6 "Bandits" scenario
Garage Fixed: 6

Matey: 0-2

Sold by Matey. Replenishes after 1-2 days.
Shelled School Trade: 0-1 Occasionally sold by Viktor in the "Rebels" scenario.
Military Outpost 5
Ruined Block of Flats 2
Quiet House 5
Supermarket 5 "Soldiers" scenario.
Abandoned Cottage 5
Ruined Villa 4-5 "Deserter" scenario.
Ruined Block of Flats 3
Construction Site 5 "Two Ambushers" scenario: from the dead body of the ambushed scavenger.
Decrepit Squat 5
Small Apartment Building 5 From the "Thugs"
Port 5
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