Damaged Helmet
Category: Materials
Craftable? No
Crafted at: N/A, used as repair component
Used to create: Helmet
It's damaged so badly it can't be used, but after some repairs it could save someone's head.

–Item Description


The Damaged Helmet is a Materials category item. It can be repaired at the Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Helmet.


  • Up to 2 can be found at the Shelled School (if occupied by the homeless), behind the barred gate.
  • Up to 2 can be found at the Supermarket, in the basement level inside a locked locker.
  • Up to 2 can be found at Sniper Junction, inside cabinets behind the barred gates.

Found 1 at Ruined Villa in the basement level, behind locked door (lockpick required)

Repair Cost

Helmet Repair Cost
Crafter Component Parts DamagedHelmetIcon
Marin 4 3 1
Other 5 3 1