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Custom characters were added in the 1.3 update for This War of Mine. They can be selected when setting up a custom game and include the Insurance Agent, Psychologist, Photographer, Computer Specialist, Police Officer, Pharmacist, and Forester. There is also a custom character called Nurse that was introduced in 1.3 as well, however for unknown reasons at this time the occupation cannot be selected when creating or editing a custom character. When setting up a custom character, the player must choose the gender, name, in-game appearance, and character picture- either from a small library of included pictures or from a user-supplied picture placed in the Documents/This War of Mine/Portraits folder.

All custom characters have 12 inventory slots and do not have addictions.

Insurance Agent

Special Skill: Persuasive- gives a slight trading boost.


Special Skill: Strong willed- Highest chance of consoling another depressed survivor, and is really difficult to become depressed, also will never commit suicide.


Special Skill: Keen Eye for Detail- allows character to notice otherwise hidden loot piles (eg. doesn't have to feed the homeless man at the Decrepit Squat).

Computer Specialist

Special Skill: Knack for Electronics- allows character to craft any item or Workshop that requires Electric Parts, with 40% fewer components.

Police Officer

Special Skill: Familiarity with guns- allows character to aim more quickly, causing the targeting reticule to turn orange faster.


Special Skill: Medical Knowledge- allows character to craft Medications and Herbal Meds using fewer components.


Special Skill: Skilled Wood chopper- allows character to gain more wood and fuel when chopping down furniture.


Special Skill: Medical Training- allows character to treat wounds and illnesses more efficiently, as well as being resistant to diseases.


A quick look in Cheat Engine shows the Nurse occupation being in between the Computer Specialist and Forester. Whether or not the Nurse was supposed to be implemented is only for the Developers to answer, but as of Update 3.0.3., this has not been the case, making it likely that the Nurse will not be implemented in a future update.