Some relatively clean water. You'll need it to prepare a good meal or make alcohol.

–Item Description


Clean Water is a material category item in the game. It is used for cooking, growing herbs and vegetables, and crafting moonshine. It is widely available and has lowest barter rating. It can be stacked up to 10 units.

Obtaining Water

Besides scavenging and trading, water can be collected by:

  • Using a filter at the Rainwater Collector. This option is not available during winter, and is much slower.
  • Melting snow at the Stove. It is available only during winter and costs fuel, but is much faster.


Crafting Cost

4x Clean Water Crafting Cost
With Rainwater Collector
Crafter Icon Filter
Any 1
With Stove
(Cold Weather)
Crafter Icon Filter Fuel
Any 1 1
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