Show me what you wish to trade.

–Ciorba addresses the player


Ciorba is a trader in the Hotel during some playthroughs. Otherwise, the Hotel is occupied by bandits or a squatter instead, so Ciorba will not be available for trade. He has large amounts of Tobacco to trade. Some containers on the map are free-for-all and some are marked private. Guards patrol the area so be careful if attempting to steal.

Ciorba is on the first floor immediately after passing through the door. In the same room with him is another NPC who will eventually go to sleep.

Traded Items


Compared to Franko, Ciorba gives less bartering value for weapons sold to him.

It is possible to steal from Ciorba's trading inventory. To do this, move past him to his left, then wait until the other NPC in the room is sleeping and Ciorba is sitting down. One of the containers (near the left door entrance) will contain his inventory and any items you may have previously traded to him.


The Hotel area can be cut off due to snowy weather or fighting, making Ciorba inaccessible.

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