Did you mean Playable Characters?

There are many characters that you will meet while playing This War of Mine. Some are Playable, while others are not.

Named Characters


For More information, see Playable Characters

There are 24 preset Survivors in the game; each with a unique skill. Players can also create new characters of their own, with either these skills or they can pick from a set of new skills. See the Skills page for more details on what these skills do.

Name Skill Backpack Guard Empathetic* Can Comfort Argumentative Addiction
Anton Good Mathematician 8 No No Yes Yes Abstinent
Arica Sneaks Quietly 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Smoker
Boris Strong But Slow 17 Best Very Yes No Smoker
Bruno Good Cook 10 No Sociopath Not well Yes Smoker
Cveta Loves Children 8 No Very Yes No No Addictions
Emilia Talented Lawyer 10 If Desperate Sociopath Not well Yes Coffee Drinker
Katia Bargaining Skills 12 Significantly worse Yes Yes No Coffee Drinker
Marin Handyman 10 No No Yes Yes Coffee Drinker
Marko Skilled Scavenger 15 Yes Yes Yes No No Addictions
Pavle Fast Runner 12 Yes Yes Yes No No Addictions
Roman Trained in Combat 10 Best Sociopath No Yes Smoker
Zlata Bolsters Spirits 12 If Desperate Very Best No No Addictions
70px-Christo Christo Determined Father 12 If Desperate Yes Yes No
Henrik Tobacconist 10 No Yes Yes No
Irina Green Thumb 10 No No Yes Yes
Livia Good Cook 8 No Very Best No
Adam Skilled Scavenger 15 Yes Unbreakable☆ No No
Esma Sneaks Quietly 12 Yes Yes Yes No
Malik Disabled 8 No Unbreakable☆ Best No
Adem Trained in Combat 10 Best Unbreakable☆ Yes Yes
Anja Orphan 11 If Desperate Yes No No
Ruben Stage Actor 8 If Desperate Yes No No
Zoran Museum Janitor 7 No No No No
* They care about morality; helping others, stealing, killing, etc
☆ They can never be Broken
† Doesn't care if fellow Survivors die

Non-Playable Characters

Name Role Location
Pyotr Trader Brothel
Grisha Beggar Decrepit Squat
Matey's Father Civilian Garage
Matey Trader Garage
Dr. Sandu Jefimow Trader City Hospital
Franko Trader Front Door
Ciorba Trader Hotel
Bojan Trader Military Outpost
Bernard Quiet House
Emil Ruined Villa
Jagoda Civillian Ruined Villa
Father Olek Trader St. Mary's Church
Bozena Civillian Semi-Detached House
Viktor Trader Shelled School
Jacob Civilian Sniper Junction
Jacob's Father Infant Sniper Junction
Robert Zhigajev Civilian Old Town
Vanya Trader Semi-Detached House
Taras Trader Museum

Other Characters

Details about the locations of these characters is a bit of a spoiler. For more information on each of these NPCs, go to the page for each character type


Characters and Locations

  • Abandoned Cottage - None
  • Airport - 1 Civilian, 2 Soldiers
  • Bakery (Final Cut) - 2 armed bandits, 3 non-hostile civilians
  • Brewery - Various civilians and rebels
  • Brothel - Pyotr, 4-5 Thugs, 2 Hostages
  • Brother's House - None
  • Central Square - Traders, Civilians
  • Central Square - 5 soldiers, 3 imprisoned civilians
  • Construction Site - 2 Soldiers,
  • Construction Site - 2 Soldiers
  • Decrepit Squat - Grisha, Old Man (determinate)
  • Decrepit Squat -
  • Garage - Matey,
    Matey's Father
  • Ghost House - None
  • Ghost House - 1 (after broadcasting about the Gas Station supplies)
  • Graznavia, Pogoren - Army Soldiers
    Militia Troops
    Trapped Civilians
  • Hotel - Non-hostile Civilian
  • Hotel - 3-4 Thugs
  • Hotel - Ciorba, Civilians, Guards


  • Looted Gas Station - One man on the second visit.
  • Looted Gas Station - 1 soldier
  • Military Outpost - Bojan,
    Approx. 7 Soldiers
  • Music Club - Gustav, Trader, numerous civilians
  • Music Club - 1 wounded civilian
  • Music Club (Final Cut) - 9 civilians (6 non-hostile, 1 friendly trader and 2 hostile)
  • Old Church - Pastor and several bystanders
  • Old Town - Robert Zhigajev
  • Park - 3 Civilians, 1 off-screen Sniper
  • Park - 2 children, 1 man
  • Port - Karel
  • Port - Various civilians
  • Railway Station - Civilians x2
  • Railway Station - Four armed resistance fighters

Civilians x2 (Final Cut)

  • Railway Station (Final Cut) - 2 hostile civilians
  • Ruined Block of Flats - None
  • Ruined Block of Flats - 2 thugs
  • Ruined Toy Store (Final Cut) - 1 non-hostile civilian
  • Ruined Villa - 3-4 Soldiers
  • Ruined Villa - Emil, Jagoda
  • Semi-Detached House - Vanya,
  • Semi-Detached House - Bozena,
    3x unarmed women (Ela, Ivana and Olga)
  • Shelled Brewery (Final Cut) - 1 neutral woman, 2 thugs
  • Shelled Cottage - None
  • Shelled School - Viktor, Rebels
  • Shelled School - Multiple homeless civilians
  • Small Apartment Building - 3x Thugs
  • Small Apartment Building - Elderly couple,
  • Sniper Junction - Passing Civilian,
    Wounded Man,
    Baby in a Crib,
    Off-screen Sniper (unattackable)
  • St. Mary's Church - 3-5 Thugs
  • St. Mary's Church - Priest Olek,
    Various churchgoers,
    Civilian with a pistol
  • St. Mary's Church - Priest Olek, various civilians
  • St. Mary's Church: Faithful Scenario - Priest Olek,
    Various churchgoers,
    Civilian with a pistol
  • Supermarket - 1 hostile soldier, 1 girl in peril (first visit) Lena (second visit)
  • Supermarket - 3 non-hostile armed civilians.
  • The Samuel Institute (Final Cut) - Civilians x2
  • Toy Store - Three armed soldiers, Sandu
  • Toy Store - 1 civilian
  • Warehouse - Three heavily armed and hostile bandits.
  • Warehouse - Three heavily armed and hostile bandits.

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