Death. The final state.


Character States are states which reflect character health. There are 6 categories of character states: Mood, Hunger, Illness, Wounded, Tiredness, Sleep. Each of them are affected by character's actions and have a close relationship to each other. The player must watch and manage character states throughout the game, or else a character can end up dying. In the beginning, 2 random character starts either slightly sick or slightly wounded.

Some characters are less likely to get injured/sick and have a much quicker/better chance at recovering. Marko and Bruno, for example, are less vulnerable to illnesses and injuries and recover faster than Katia.

Brief table

State Worst effect General cause General treatment Effect to other states
Moods - Disabled all regular functions at the worst level

- Commit suicide

- Leave Our Shelter

- Commit crime like theft, murder

- Refuse to aid people

- Aid people

- Drink Moonshine, Pure Alcohol

- Avoid committing crimes

- Being well fed

Hunger Starving to death Not being fed Being fed Makes Wounded, Illness, Moods worse
Wounded Death Get hurt from scavenging, raids. Using


or get help at the city hospital

Makes Wounded, Illness, Moods worse
Illness Death Randomness by being cold too long Using Herbal Meds, Medications Makes Wounded, Illness, Moods worse
Tiredness Disabled all regular functions at the worst level Not enough sleep, Using a pickaxe (The Last Broadcast) Sleep in bed  ?
Sleep Very Tired Sleep without bed

Sleep in bed

Being tired