Icon Chair
Category: Household Items
Craftable? Yes
Crafted at: Simple Workshop
Used to create: Our Shelter
It's better to sit on a chair than on the floor. We should build it to make this place more like home. It will make us feel better in these tough times.

–Item Description


The Chair is a Household Item in This War of Mine. It can be crafted at a Simple Workshop.

Chairs provide a place for survivors to rest when not working, similar to its improved version, the Armchair. Also, survivors with addictions can automatically smoke cigarettes or drink coffee once they sit down.

Crafting Cost

Chair Crafting Cost
Crafter Component Wood
Any 3 3

(Marin provides no bonuses due to the small amount of materials required)


  • The chair can be demolished using a hatchet which can yield two wood and two fuel. If you want to use components as a fuel along with wood this yields better results than converting it to fuel in the Workshop.
  • The chair adds a comfort value of "3" the limit for the chair is 9. So any more than 3 are a waste.