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A canned meal. More nutritious than raw food. With time, you'll get used to its taste.

–Item Description


Canned Food is one of the basic items in This War of Mine. It is acquired by trading and scavenging. It can be consumed without cooking, and reduces a character's Hunger level, similar to a Cooked Meal. It can also be used as bait for the Trap for Small Animals.


  • You can give Canned Food to Grisha, a homeless man in the Decrepit Squat, to boost your survivors' morale.
  • 2 Canned Foods are needed to complete a special event involving two hungry children visiting the shelter, although Cveta can bring the number down to 1 Canned Food. Giving them food can boost the mood of some of your survivors and counts towards a subsequent visit from them.
  • Trading one canned food for Vegetables is far better than the Canned Food itself, as it effectively doubles the meals.
  • Canned Food is better than raw food if you are short on Clean Water or Fuel. This is especially helpful during Winter, when Fuel and Clean Water are scarce.
  • You could also prioritize eating Canned Food when Bruno is incapacitated or otherwise unavailable.