An old weapon with a few missing parts.

–Item Description


The Broken Pistol is a Materials category item in the game. It can be repaired at the Improved Metal Workshop into a fully-operational Pistol. A hidden broken pistol can be found at the Abandoned Cottage by reading a note on the second floor, to the right of the stairs. The broken pistol will be found outside, buried in the ground.

Pyotr sells Broken Pistols at the Brothel, but the locale is not unlocked until the late game when the survivors typically have access to better weapons. Weapon Parts for repair can be scavenged or obtained from other traders - such as Franko, Bojan, and Matey.

Repair Cost

Pistol Repair Cost
Crafter Icon Weapon Parts Icon Broken Pistol
Marin 4 1
Other 5 1
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