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Bozena is a hostile NPC that is present during a particular scenario at the Semi-Detached House. She is occupying a shelter with three other women and is the only one that is armed. According to the location description, shots can be heard every night from the area, which could insinuate that this group of survivors has experienced multiple raids, is traumatized from frequent attacks, or that Bozena is simply trigger-happy. When Bozena's scenario is not active the Vanya the Trader Scenario will be active instead.

Character Description


Sage advice from a fellow scavenger

Bozena is wielding a Shotgun and will shoot the player character on sight. If Bozena sees the player she will shoot without thinking, even if the player character is female. Talking to the male scavenger to the west will reveal that he is harmless and merely scavenging for supplies. The only interaction that is possible with Bozena and her fellow survivors is to kill Bozena in self defense. Bozena and her fellow female survivors are technically civilians and killing any of them will count as a traumatic experience, inflicting sadness, depression, or even broken status to your survivors. Entering their shelter will reveal that all containers inside are marked 'Private Property'.

It is recommended to avoid Bozena by following the strategy on the Semi-Detached House article here.

If however, it is your wish to kill Bozena, here is a useful strategy for taking her out without any danger to your character. It is recommended that all of your characters have the content status if you do this and that the character you use to raid the house is one of the more apathetic ones, such as Bruno or Emilia. 1. Go to the semi-detached house at night. Bring with you a couple of lockpicks and at least one saw blade, as well as a knife. 2. Jump up to the first floor and begin picking the lock on the door there. A person will be inside the room and will see you open the door. This is the idea, so they send Bozena after you with their terrified screams. 3. After the woman sees you, jump back down to the ground floor and take cover in the hiding spot directly below you. 4. Bozena will jump from her platform down to the ground floor and run across the house in front of your hiding place. Once she reaches your position, backstab her. 5. Loot her body and watch the pitiful scene unfold. 6. Quickly grab all the items inside the house that are marked with the 'private property' sign, and leave all the ones you can't carry at a rubble pile on the ground floor. This will prevent your character from having to steal a second time and will keep him/her from becoming even more depressed. 7. Return home.

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