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I'm not big with words. I'm just a regular guy. I used to stack stuff on the night shift at a warehouse, by hand mostly. It was tough work but I was always strong, even when I was a kid. Now this place is gone, shelled to hell, and so is my house. My foot was crushed under the rubble. It has healed, but it's still a bit stiff, so I can't run very fast. But I carry more than anyone I know.

–Boris' Description


Boris used to be a warehouse worker who possessed great strength. During the war, his neighborhood was shelled and some falling rubble injured his foot. His foot did not heal correctly which makes him move very slowly and loudly while running. However he still possesses his great strength which allows him to carry many things.

He had a girlfriend named Ana and a son named Luka. During the war they hid beneath their home in the basement. Often, it was Ana who scavenged at night due to Boris' injury. She was shot and killed by a sniper while trying to get medicine for their ill child, Luka, who later passed on because of the disease. Consequently, he is the lone survivor of his family.

He is the strongest character in terms of carrying capacity and maximum health. He is addicted to smoking and has 17 inventory slots.


Boris has the trait Strong but Slow, which gives him the highest inventory slots while also making him the slowest character in the game. He is clumsy and makes the most noise of all the scavengers while moving or scavenging (noise is measured by a visual 'ripple' effect that indicates the radius of noise, with Boris' noise radius being the largest).

He has the highest health of all playable characters.


Boris is a tier A combat proficiency character along with Arica. He can instakill when in Combat with any weapons even his bare fists, but needs to use a hatchet, knife, or shovel if he is back-stabbing.

Boris is the one of the best scavengers because of his carrying capacity, which is the highest of all characters. Boris has 17 slots, compared to average characters who have 10 slots or Anton and Cveta with only 8 slots. This is 2 more slots than even Marko, meaning he can bring home more supplies than any other character per trip. However he is very slow and loud, meaning it can be difficult to explore new locations with him and especially when trying to be stealthy.

He is a strong fighter but his slow mobility is a liability in combat, and hinders him when running from cover to cover at Sniper Junction. Otherwise his high health makes him ideal for melee combat. For example, Boris takes 5 hits to die by Emil using a knife, while others characters take 3 hits and Roman takes 4 hits.

Boris can guard the shelter effectively, unlike some characters such as Anton or Cveta.


Boris' in-game appearance.

Boris has a kind of "gentle giant" trait. He is a caring and morally concerned survivor. He easily gets depressed or broken if he has to steal or murder someone. though after murdering the 3 deserters at the ruined villa his mood is standard?. He even becomes sad when he learns that the others have committed crimes.

Boris will be happy if he aids the neighbors or other survivor NPCs in all cases. While he generally has a negative reaction to any sort of violence, if he kills snipers or the soldier assaulting the girl at the supermarket he will view it as a good deed.

He will immediately show his concern if someone in his party is sick or wounded and will display the desire to get meds or bandages for them, even going as far as to say he would call an ambulance if it were possible.

Boris is addicted to smoking and his mood will be slowly drained if it is not satisfied. However the effect is very negligible, it seems. He can't play guitar.

When in bad moods, Boris may sob all night and not sleep. This may cause the others to sleep poorly.

Recruitment Speech

My neighbourhood got shelled while I was working on a night shift at a local warehouse. I helped clear the rubble and get the survivors out, but we couldn't save everyone... When I got home I found it in ruins. Can I stay with you for some time? Looks to me like you could use a pair of strong hands.

Character Story

  1. "I had a beautiful girlfriend, Ana. We had a kid. A wonderful son. Luka was just like me, he was only seven and already stronger than all the other kids. I bet he would've grown up to be a great weightlifter, as I always wanted to be. If I had saved him."
  2. "When we were hiding in the basement, after they hit our house, we quickly ran out of food and had very little water. I could not move much because of my foot. Ana saved us both. She was a great mother, a real hero. Ana used to go out at night and she was bringing everything we needed."
  3. "One day Luka fell ill with the runs, turned out he'd drunk water from a puddle. "I'm sorry daddy, I ate peanuts and I was terribly thirsty". Salted peanuts. This is not proper food for a child. Soon, he was getting weaker by the hour. Ana said she'd get him meds. She must've felt guilty for she didn't bother to wait for the sunset before she went out."

Variant of story:

  1. "I had a beautiful girlfriend, Ana. We had a kid. His name was Luka. He was going to be just as strong as me. But she used to pamper him too much. Boys should be brought up tough or they'll turn out soft. Or worse."
  2. "My house was hit and we had to live in the basement. We were hungry, we had very little water. I couldn't do anything, my foot was crushed, and I felt so useless. Ana kept disappearing every night and as I lay there in pain, with Luka in my arms, I couldn't help wondering where she was getting the food she was bringing us."
  3. "Ana was a terrific mother. She'd do anything for Luka. I mean, she did, when he got the runs from bad water he drank. Soon, he was weakening by the hour, so she went to get him the medicine. "You stay here, you can barely walk, and I'll run like the wind", she told me. But you can't outrun a sniper's bullet."


Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Description
Dead "Luck has finally abandoned Boris, not much of a surprise to him. His strength was not enough to keep him alive. In a just universe, he'd be with his son now."
Suicide "Boris couldn't take it anymore and took his own life, haunted by the memory son's and girlfriend's fate. Maybe he is reunited with them now."
Abandoned "Boris disappeared one night without a trace. He died of liver failure a few years after the war."
Karma "While Boris survived the war, he grew increasingly hateful towards others and spent several years on futile search for the sniper who shot Ana. He died from the injuries suffered in drunken altercation with a man he accused of being her killer."
Sad "Boris managed to see the end of war and tried to put his life back together, mostly with no avail. The memory of his son's and girlfriend's fate haunted him till the end of his days."
Good "Boris won over everything that war threw at him and used his grit and strength to help others rebuild their lives. The memory of Ana's sacrifice and Luka's faith supported him till the end of his days."


  • According to Boris backstory, his son, Luka, died of illness. In Fading Embers DLC he is still alive at the Orphanage With other children and Adam.
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