• Midoryu

    Throughout my journey in updating everything Final Cut related, I've had to run several painstaking nights over and over again, testing enemy AI and basic flag triggers. It's fun in that you get to find bugs, and other tidbits and trivia that enrich your experience of the game even more.

    Since the idea of Wikis is to share information, I've decided to release my notes for several of the Final Cut locations that I've tested. They are as meticulous as I could make them, and they're all information that have been updated into their respective pages. Below are my findings. Enjoy!

    Ruined Toy Store
    -5 electronic parts
    -1 lock pick
    -2 crowbar locations
    -1 rubble
    -friendly NPC first night, cannot trade toy (x1)
    -4 axeable furniture

    -Wounded brother…

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  • Midoryu

    In order for ultimate hoarding, I needed to assemble my A Team and somehow tweak the survival conditions. Deciding on the environment was the easy part, since the custom scenarios page gave me just what I needed. I picked a bunch of Final Cut maps out of curiosity, lowered the intensity, duration and timeframe of winter, and dialed back intensity of the fighting all the way to schoolyard scuffle.

    For my A Team, I knew building materials would be hard to come by, but also that things would pick up fast once I got my farms going. Being able to produce high-value items from those farms consistently would allow me to make trades for more Components, Woods, and other crafting essentials, thereby feeding a positive feedback cycle. This meant I ne…

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  • Midoryu

    This War of Mine was meant to be played with a solemn attitude. It rips away at our guard and brings out the (often unwilling) monster in all of us. The people who learn the most from this game demonstrate high empathy, grounded moral values, and a hope for society that show just how much we still care, deep down inside.

    And that's all well and good. I've been there too at some point. This game is a toll route to survival and it demands our emotional energy as its price. I emerged from my initial playthroughs with a sombre optimism about society's ability to pull through and show kindness in the worst of times. That's the hallmark of a good game - an effectively communicated central theme.

    But you know what these games do to you, after you f…

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  • Wolfeyreporting

    Nobody has been editing in almost a month, either the wiki is complete, or it is dying. Please tell me which is true.

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  • RedKnight7

    Folks showed an interest, so I dusted off the Economic Info on my private page.

    I didn't change any data, just clarified. Here's the changes.

    If you like what you see, also check out my other game work.

    Analysis is love.

    Who do you love?

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  • RedKnight7

    He pointed out on my Wall that I had double priced it (I checked winter prices in my spreadsheet, but forgot). Good catch! Fixed.

    Meanwhile I have moved from No Man's Sky to Fallout 4. Check out my No Man's Sky economy work on my brand new website! Please ignore how all the rest of it is junk for now.

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  • RedKnight7

    Right then, all done

    October 1, 2016 by RedKnight7

    Hi everyone, I remembered a few things I forgot to add about trading, back when I was working on it. So I stuck them on my economics page.

    If anyone is using or appreciates my work, let me know! It was a ton of work. But unfortunately due to the way wikis work, I don't know if even a single person has read or used it, sigh.

    Enjoy! Good gaming, brothers and sisters.

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  • RedKnight7

    I'm sure I will do some tweaks in the next few days. But I am itching to move on to No Man's Sky.

    I'm sorry to dump it all and run. Please keep in mind that it represents a TON of work. I have some 25 pages of handwritten notes and a dozen worksheets, condensed into what I've posted. If I also had to volunteer the time to make it all look great and mesh well with the rest of the wiki - far far more time - it would simply be too much for me. Heck I've already spent days posting info. My time on this game, and this wiki, and on earth for that matter, is limited.  :)

    Does anybody have any questions or comments?

    I hope you like it!

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  • RedKnight7

    Okay, I posted the first part of the info. More to come. Many apologies for the bass-ackward way I am doing it, Razorgirl. For me this is all about getting the info out. Not about making it pretty. Stated another way, it already tooks me eons of game play to get that. And I have also done this sort of thing for many other games. If I then had to stop and take two or three times as much time to make it look good, I simply would not do it. It's already a lot of work on top of a huge pile of work, just to get it to the state it can be seen.

    I hope it is making sense. Please give feedback as you can. I will also be posting a lot more on how prices vary by other traders, and some of the oddities in pricing seen.

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  • RedKnight7

    Razorgirl suggested I try a blog, so here's my first wiki blog anywhere ever (though I've been doing wikis themselves since 2005).

    I've been doing a deep analysis of prices, trading, profitability, shortages and the like since about 7/31/16. I started playing TWoM 7/22/16 and as of this writing, 8/21/16, Steam says I've played 360 hours, but that can't be entirely correct (~12 hours/day??); it must include time the game is up on my PC, but I'm not playing. Anyway, the Shortages page is a little spin-off from my analysis, as well as the Hatchet data and graphic.

    All my work is on the auto-updated Steam version (currently says 2.2.2) on a custom Win7 PC, overclocked from 3400 to 4400 Mhz, two dual quad HD monitors. Tip for anyone doing testing…

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  • Razorgirl

    Template Sandpit

    August 21, 2016 by Razorgirl

    Started playing July 2016
    Platform(s) iOS
    DLCs None
    Playstyle Together, We Can Make It
    Scavenging Style Leave No Loot Behind
    Favourite Character Katia

    This template would be for Template:Infobox User. 

    This is an idea I have where players will have a template that they can put on their profile page that shows off which stories they've played and how well they did (or not).

    This template would be called something like Template:Completed Stories. The fields would be a list of all Stories and Users would simply put, "Yes", if they've successfully completed that story, "No", if they failed it, or leave it blank if they are yet to attempt it.

    My Stories
    Pavle, Bruno, Marko Cveta, Pavle, Anton, Zlata Bruno, Roman, Arica Boris, Emilia, Marin Arica, Marin,…

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  • Razorgirl

    CSS Sandpit

    July 11, 2016 by Razorgirl

    This is some example code that I think should be added to . Again, this is a work in progress, but that's the point of a Sandpit.

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  • Razorgirl

    Main Page Sand Pit

    July 7, 2016 by Razorgirl

    This is what I think the Main Page should look like. It's a "work in progress". 😊

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  • Razorgirl

    Wiki Code 101

    July 5, 2016 by Razorgirl

    You don't need to know html in order to create Wiki pages, and Wikia's visual editor helps to make things SUPER easy.

    I learned how to code Wikis with a Wiki that didn't have a visual editor, and thus I had to learn how to format wiki pages using MediaWiki code. It sounds a lot harder than it is. While Using Wikia's visual editor can be grand, sometimes it doesn't quite give you what you want. That's when you'll want to look at the code for the page you're editng in Source Mode just to check that nothing weird has happened while you trying to edit a page.

    While using the Visual Editor will handle most "quick and dirty" additions to the Wiki, if you ever want to edit the info you have for a template, the only way you can do this is in "Source Mod…

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  • Qualityroller

    Once he got guns, it became much easier. Kept him well fed from day 26 on. Got good at bringing everything along at night so nothing stolen, but raids, and v1.3 bug about bandits private property, continued to sadden him. One moonshine day / bed night cheered him up. Last night before ceasefire, killed kidnappers and freed hostage at the Hotel. Ended the war Well Fed, Normal Mood, with a good supply of weapons and 2 bandages left. But got the Karma ending, probably due mostly to the 1.3 bug, after at least 3 separate nights saddened by taking from the church bandits.

    I think I'm ready for the Grumpy Old Hermit.

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  • Qualityroller

    But it seems by staying out at night, he will not freeze to death.

    I trade with franko for sugar. I make 6 moonshines. Now Military Outpost -- I trade with soldiers for enough bandages to fully heal, and weapons parts for a hatchet. Just in time for winter, but I have not been able to upgrade my heater, cannot bring temp above 11°

    I spent one night in bed bandaged and woke up slightly wounded but also slightly sick. Used my last bandage (no meds ofc). But it seems by staying out at night, I will not freeze to death.

    That one trip to Military Outpost unlocked more locations -- Hotel, Church, Hospital (!) but of course the Hospital is blocked due to snow.

    Died twice edging St. Mary's. Got lucky the last time and wasn't sick. Killed first guy, cl…

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  • Qualityroller

    day 20

    July 3, 2015 by Qualityroller

    marko is severly wounded, sick, sad, curb on crme last night but i only have couple days till winter

    i have just enough to build the hatchet

    feed him well. at least he aint sad no more

    i believe tonight will be safe -- night after curb on crime

    i wish i had unlocked hospital by now but marko solo dont go out enough

    hail mary plan: military outpost, hatchet

    i died

    so i quit fast

    restart this day -- i try not to do this. but its that or end game

    this time i build two saw blades. i go ruined block of flats

    get 1 bandage and some other trade goods

    tomorrow i will live another day at least

    now i log off. dj some ableton. take my girl to bed. real life is the real game

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  • Qualityroller

    prep for the grumpy old hermit challenge, i play marko solo, refusing new survivors. this playthrough i do accept help fom neighbors

    so far my method is to use all materials i have every day. they cant steal nothing

    and take advantage of mechanics — cooked meals, caught but uncollected trap food, brewed but uncollected moonshine, these are unstealable

    outbreak of crime on day 11, so night 10 i go out for the last supplies for a week. i have sugar, water and the meds that guy droped off for his friend Anna

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  • Qualityroller

    some thoughts

    June 4, 2015 by Qualityroller

    how to survive the war in style:

    there are never enough boxes or gears

    early days:

    you want high value items to trade with franko

    if u can, hit the most hostile location you can, kill them bad guys, take their guns and bullets, that's money

    to receive Components, Parts, Wood.  to build your stuff

    1 bullet == 1 gear

    yet u can carry 20 in one slot!

    moonshine a good early trade item. Anton/Cveta need to brew early and often.

    some games i never build a radio. or chairs.   focus on survival

    first stretch to building Board Up and Reinforced Door.   then Herb Garden, and once u upgrade to Veg Garden ur set

    learn where the Veg is.  save u life in early game   (basement of school saw blade.  construction site top right with th chairs. some fridge)

    later game w…

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  • Kaffe4200

    Best characters?

    November 27, 2014 by Kaffe4200

    I've seen some people liking and disliking some of the characters, though I think they are all fairly balanced. Obviously, most of them are rather situational, but I figured I'd see what people considered the best and worst overall characters. Here's my opinion:

    1. Zlata
    Zlata's ability to help depressed survivors better than others is an amazing asset. I've found this incredibly useful. Plus, she has no addictions, knows how to play guitar and has 12 backpack spots. The best character in my opinion.

    2. Bruno
    His ability is awesome, and one of the most significant ones. He also seems to be rather egoistic, which can be a great thing. The only minus is that he's a smoker.

    3. Emilia
    This apathetic girl is reliable. She will rarely get sad/content, w…

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  • Nyaaman

    What Needs to be Added

    November 24, 2014 by Nyaaman

    Well, since the wikia is really lacking in detail and the such, there are some things that I suggest should be added here:

    1. A table for crafting. This should include stuff like how many items are needed to make what and so on.
    2. A strategy guide for clearing hard locations (such as the military outpost (seriously...ive restarted too many damn times cause of that (alt f4 op)) and the warehouse).
    3. What is included in each location. Though some elements are random in the loot and the such, there are some containers that always contain the same amount and type of loot no matter what (e.g being the starting locations)

    There have already been some people putting down crap for points 1 and 3, but the layout of the information is just really unorganised a…

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