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Used to dress wounds.

–Item Description


Bandages are Basic Items in This War of Mine. They are a single-use item used to heal Slightly Wounded status or downgrade higher levels of injury. It can be obtained by scavenging, trading or crafting at the Herbal Workshop.


Typically, combining rest with Bandages reduces injury by one level. There is a small chance that the treatment will not improve the level of injury by the next day.

The levels of injury are:

  1. Healthy
  2. Slightly Wounded
  3. Wounded
  4. Severely Wounded
  5. Lethally Wounded
  • Resting, by itself, is the least effective healing method and has a low chance of reducing injury level. Merely resting is ineffective against the more serious wounds.
  • Improvement occurs one level at a time at the shelter. It is possible for a character to improve their condition with bandages while resting, guarding, or scavenging. However, it is assumed that resting while bandaged offers the best chance of reducing injury level.
  • While a character has wounds, there is a chance each day that the wounds may get worse.
  • As wounds become progressively worse, a character will slow down more and more. Lethally wounded characters will be confined to a bed and cannot scavenge at night. Additionally, other characters will need to help them eat, taking medicine, and apply bandages.

Alternative Treatment at the City Hospital

Wounded or Severely Wounded characters can seek free aid from a Nurse at the City Hospital. To do this, the injured character must be selected as the scavenger. Upon arrival, talk to a nurse to have free treatment applied. The character will receive the '(Bandaged)' notification listed next to their level of injury in the character pane. Returning to the shelter afterwards will apply the healing effect- decreasing the level of injury and removing the bandages. This can reduce injury from Severely Wounded to Slightly Wounded, effectively healing 2 levels of injury.

Characters that are Slightly Wounded or Lethally Wounded cannot seek healing from the City Hospital. Slightly Wounded characters will be informed that they do not have enough supplies to treat minor injuries, and Lethally Wounded characters cannot scavenge and so cannot leave the shelter to visit the Hospital.

Crafting Cost

The Pharmacist custom character can craft bandages using fewer resources.

Bandages - Herbal Workshop
Crafter Pure Alcohol Components Herbs Time
Pharmacist 1 4 3 1 h
Other 1 5 4


  • Its trade value is very high as bandages are scarce in the city of Pogoren.
  • Donating bandages, Medications and Herbal Meds to the City Hospital will help the patients and will also make the player's survivors happy.
  • If a survivor is lethally wounded, they would not be able to get a bandage for them selves and would need the assistant of another survivor.


  • Sometimes a character can't successfully apply Bandages: the progress meter won't turn and the character's animation repeats. To fix this, the player must restart the game.