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Military Assault Rifle. With a good rate of fire.

–Item Description


The Assault Rifle is one of the Weapons in This War of Mine. Fully operational Assault Rifles can be obtained from loot-able containers, as dropped loot on dead bodies, or by purchasing one directly from a military base. The assault rifle fires in bursts and depletes 3 ammunition with every shot.

  • One can be obtained from the Supermarket during a specific encounter with a soldier harassing a woman.
  • Occasionally, one can be stolen as high-level loot from the Military Outpost inside a special locked chest the trader stores his inventory in.
  • Usually you will be able to find this weapon on many armed NPCs (Soldiers, Bandits, Guards, Rebels), however killing them would be the most difficult method of acquisition.

Broken Assault Rifle

It used to be a deadly weapon, but it doesn't work anymore.

–Item Description

A Broken Assault Rifle is a Materials category item that can be found inside loot-able containers. It can be repaired at an Advanced Metal Workshop to produce a fully operational Assault Rifle.

Repair Cost

Assault Rifle Repair Cost
Crafter Weapon Parts Broken Assault Rifle
Marin 8 1
Other 9 1


  • Due to the appearance of the weapon on both it's HUD icon and in-game, it can be guessed that this is an AK-47, or at least one of the numerous AK assault rifles, or a VZ-58
  • Strangely, the icon for the Broken Assault Rifle resembles a Thompson Submachine Gun, an submachine gun used from the late 1920s to the early 1950s, but when repaired it resembles an AK-47 Assault Rifle, a weapon used from the late 1940s to the present day.
  • In the code, Assult Rifle is referenced as "Machinegun", and Broken Assult Rifle is refered to as 'Machinegun_broken".