I'm a simple girl from the hood and I know life. Street raised me more than my father did. That old sot beat me whenever he felt like it and knew how to make it hurt. That's all over now, he bit the dust in the first days of the war. I've been a cat burglar since I turned 14, you know how it is. I'm better at it than anyone you know and I can sneak like a fox. You'd be a fool kicking me out.

–Arica's Description


Arica was a girl from the hood, before the war. Unlike other characters who live in Pogoren as their hometown, Arica came to the capital fleeing persecutions from Gravia. According to her back-story, she apparently lost her mother when she was young and lived only with her alcoholic father. She was frequently beaten by her father whenever he was drunk. Arica had turned out as a cat burglar on the streets at the age of 14. Her father died later during the war and she has independently survived on her own from burglary.

She is possibly the youngest character in the game (Excluding the children) and has the Sneaks Quietly trait, which helps her make the least amount of noise while performing actions.

She is addicted to smoking cigarettes.

She also has an inventory size of 10.


Arica's Sneaks Quietly trait reduces the amount of noise she makes from running or jumping. This trait also allows her to approach targets from behind to perform an instant back-stab kill using most weapons (except the Crowbar) without being detected; whereas other playable characters tend to fail due to being detected.

Unlike other characters, running or walking does not attract the enemy's attention. She can unlock lockers with Lock Picks silently and makes little noise when using a Crowbar. However she still makes loud noises when chopping furniture with the Hatchet.


Arica is a tier A combat proficiency character along with Boris. She and Boris can perform an instant kill backstab from behind the target by using most weapons except the Crowbar.

Arica is not a good choice as a scavenger due to her small inventory size. However, she is the best at stealing since she can run and rob without being easily caught. She is also a very good choice for combat because of both her damage ability, and her Sneaks Quietly trait lets her sneak up to targets from behind without being detected.

Arica is a decent guard. She can be sent to scavenge for combat or theft purposes or can guard the shelter depending on the situation.



Arica's in-game appearance

Since she is a cat burglar, Arica is less likely to become saddened if she learns that the other survivors committed burglary. However she can still become sad if she herself has done it to innocent civilians or elderly people. She will easily accept the murder crimes by herself or others to thugs, bandits and soldiers.

Although she has been mistreated by her father, she still has a warm heart and will become content from aiding neighbors.

Arica is addicted to smoking and her mood will be slowly drained if her addiction is not satisfied. However, the effect is negligible. She also plays the guitar well.

She has an unstable mood. Whenever she's in a bad mood, she will occasionally sob at night, or start fights with the other survivors, or can console others if they can't sleep.

If she is left at the shelter when she is depressed, there is a high chance that she will take stolen supplies along with her.

Recruitment Speech

Hey, what's up? Nice place you got here. I'm looking for some place to lay low for a while. I used to live in a large block of flats till it got shelled. Heres the deal; you let me stay here, I help you out. I can move as quiet as a cat.

My Story

I told you about my old man - I hated that asshole... But war does things to people. That night, when the bombs fell on Gravia, something changed. What he did... I'll never forget it. You heard what they did in Gravia, right?
On that night I got a shrapnel in my thigh. The army entered the city and indiscriminately started slaughtering rebels and civilians. We had to scram and I couldn't even rise from my bed. So I was just lying there, waiting for death to come. I was hoping the old drunk to save himself, not stay with me till the end. Why worry about something you can't change?
He carried me out of the city. He walked all night. We flowed with a terrified crowd. Father carried me all the way. I have no idea where that old alcoholic found the strength. The day broke and he was still carrying me. When we got here, he just dropped to his knees and died. I will always remember the last words he whispered.
He'd always been rough, never said what lay heavily on him, but at that moment he broke. "You have to make it, kid," he said right before he died. "You gotta be tough, all that's bad will end someday". He looked at me, pleading. "Like me."


I made it all the way from Gravia to Pogoren, and for what? More shelling, more bloodshed. Maybe it would've been better if I'd died there and then. You heard what the Grazni did in Gravia?
After several hours of bombing the town, the military stormed the city and started slaughtering rebels and civilians like cattle. Wounded by shrapnel, I couldn't run. Couldn't even walk. I was sure my old man would leave me behind. The asshole never cared about me anyway. Why would he, all of a sudden?
Without saying a word he lifted me up, and started walking. He walked all night like that. Grim, determined, silent. The sun rose and he kept on walking. Where did he even get the strength for that? Beats me. But he carried me all the way to Pogoren. And as soon as we got here, he collapsed to the ground and died. Was it worth it?


Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Description
Dead "Tough girl as she was, Arica died. Harsh reality of living in a ghetto could not be compared to the horrors of war. What would have become of her if she'd survived? We will never know."
Suicide "Troubled Arica couldn't take it anymore and killed herself. It turns out she was much more sensitive and fragile than she showed."
Abandoned "Arica left the shelter without a word. She resurfaced later on as a juvenile gang leader."
Karma "Arica survived the war, though remained mistrustful of others. The horrors she'd witnessed made it difficult for her to find friends. She was afraid of starting a family, not believing she'd make a good parent."
Sad "She survived the war, but Arica found it difficult to adjust to normal life. She did not trust anyone and relied only herself. Presently, She is serving a sentence for burglary."
Good "After the war Arica gave her father a symbolic funeral, and kept his picture. Despite the horrors she witnessed, she managed to start a family and tried to be a better parent than her father had been."


  • Arica is the only character who doesn't live in Pogoren but Gravia.
  • Unlike Roman, Katia, and Zlata, Arica plays a different set of songs on the guitar. The reason why is unknown. Her songs are somber and more downbeat, but there doesn't appear to be any decrease in morale because of this.
  • Arica is the only female smoker.
  • Arica has no smoking animation, unlike the other smokers. This may be due to her youthful appearance
  • Arica may sound like she can play the guitar well but she is actually quite bad at it. She is marginally better than those who REALLY can't play however. If you listen carefully you will notice that she misses a lot of notes with the occasional unintentional mutings of strings. This may be the reason why she has a different song on the guitar and the reason why she gives no morale boost while playing (according to the guitar page).
  • Her name belongs to the chilean city Arica, which has a high crime statistic of stolen animals.
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